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Law firm website design trends for 2015

Updated on December 10, 2014

The ever-innovative technology keeps every business on its toes. A law firm website design is not excluded. The year 2014 has seen some of the spectacular trends that have reshaped the web design industry. Legal businesses need to watch out for market trends and realign their branding strategies. Here are top 5 trends that legal websites cannot miss out.

One design for all devices

While desktops and laptops were primarily used to browse the Internet, the scenario has quickly changed. The advent of smart-phones has revolutionized the communications segment. Today, many people use their smart-phones to browse the Internet. According to Smart Insights, 27% of online users browse the Internet using their mobile devices. And, smart-phones are mostly used for searches. As searches are a key element for legal websites, it is important to tap this exploding market. You never know what device a visitor uses to open your website. To provide a consistent and rich end-user experience, responsive designing is essential. Responsive designing allows the website to adjust its resolution and design according to the browsing device. While responsive designs were popularly implemented in 2014, this trend is going to continue in 2015 as well.

Flat Designs

The new trend in web development is flat designs. A flat design eliminates stylistic three-dimensional illusions and provides an attractive design that has simple page elements, typography and flat colors. The reason for implementing flat designs is the increased use of smart-phones for online browsing. Moreover, wearable technology like smart watches cannot display illusive and complex elements. To provide a consistent user-experience across all devices, a law firm web design should have a flat design. At the same time, images are growing bigger along with the text. Images would be dealt in a new way in 2015. Using blur and color filter overlays with text floating on the top dominates most designs.

HTML with embedded videos

Video marketing always delivers quick results as it creates an emotional touch. Moreover, it allows you to quickly and effectively convey a message that is easy to understand. In 2015, a new type of video marketing is going to dominate the web design industry. It is about HTML 5 videos where videos run in the back ground of HTML pages. HTML5 offers built-in media support where you can embed media into HTML documents. Once media is embedded into the HTML page, it can be controlled using JavaScript code.


Typography has come a long way since the advent of the digital world. Going forward, fonts are going to continue innovating. A law firm website design needs to consider different usage scenarios and type needs to be adapted accordingly. The Type size, line size and the width of the column are few elements that affect the readability of a page. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings a different set of Internet devices into picture. Your home smoke detector might send information to your smart-phone or wearable gadgets such as glasses and watches. When such unconventional devices come into picture, designers need to consider simple and flat designs, colors and fonts to suit all devices.


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