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LeapFrog Crammer - Portable Test Questions and MP3 Player

Updated on March 19, 2011

Cramming for tests is about to become a lot more fun. At least I would like to study this way. The LeapFrog Crammer is a small handheld device with 1GB internal memory - large enough to hold favorite MP3s and thousands of flash card and quiz questions.

"Learning Path" is the LeapFrog journey that kids travel along while learning. As a child grows older there are LeapFrog toys that boost them to the next level. The Crammer is designed to help 3rd through 8th graders.

Knowing that kids enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while studying the Crammer is an MP3 player. Favorite songs can be added via a USB connection to a computer.

Kids are on the go most of the day. There is often little time to really sit and study in a meaningful way. The LeapFrog Crammer fits in with this lifestyle nicely. I have searched and cannot tell if the screen is easily viewed in sunlight conditions. This would be a good question to answer - if your child has a Crammer please leave a comment on this hub and let us all know what you think.

It is handheld and requires no cords. It is entertaining so kids will use it. Quiz questions are based upon the top rated text books so the information is relevant. There is an integrated Spanish Translator. New content can be uploaded via a USB connection to a computer. Downloads include:

LeapFrog® Crammer
LeapFrog® Crammer
  • Quizzes - Math, Social Studies, Science
  • Flash Cards - Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts (You can create your own Flash Cards too)

Navigation on the LeapFrog Crammer is easy. The 2.5" non-color (monochrome) screen (pretty small in my opinion) is controlled by "clicking" the icons. This clicking is a touchscreen of sorts. No need for a keyboard or stylus.

The price is reasonable considering what you get. Future downloads, the USB cable, the earbuds and two free games are included for $60.

I have read comments that people have left on forums and some are positive and some not. Many comments are from people being negative about anyone needing a device like the Crammer to study.


This is one area that I disagree with them on. If the Crammer makes studying fun more kids will use it. I also think that it would be helpful to parents.

Parents are always given the job to help their children study - often on subjects that they are not real familiar with. A parent, a sibling or a friend can use the Crammer to quiz a child out load. There is several ways that an electronic study device can be utilized.


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      natasha was herer 8 years ago

      how do u ge muics on the crammer