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Learn Engineering

Updated on July 17, 2017

My Journey Begun

It was about a month or so go when I stumbled across a Youtube channel completely dedicated to explaining various concepts of engineering. From cars to planes, these videos explained everything that any regular engineer would need to know in order to be professional in his, or her, branch of engineering; but what caught my attention was how simple the concepts really were. Most would think that engineering is an extremely complicated job, however it might not be so complicated if you just remembered that all concepts known in the real world are based on simple concepts that we've known for years. The youtube videos I'm talking about make use of this in order to properly inform their audience of how easy it really is to understand these concepts.

I was interested for a number of reasons, but none so great as this Youtube channel having a real chance of properly explaining these concepts to high schoolers who are studying elementary engineering. It also helps spark interest in the field. The world needs more creative thinkers to help further the development of our species, and to help solve the problems that we face today in the areas of climate change, and overpopulation. I cannot begin to stress how important some concepts will become, especially to ensure the survival of the human population.

I contacted the owner of Learn Engineering, Sabin Mathew, whose office was in India. We talked about a lot of topics in the field of engineering, including what people in the past had done, what people in the present are doing, and what we predict people will do in the future. We pondered over how technology would change in the years to come, and how I expected there to be development in the realm of space exploration soon; naturally the conversation led to concepts well known in mathematics, but had yet to make an appearance in engineering. A hyperdrive for example... how would one construct a device that can bend space time? These were the simple conversations we had over the net.

I already mentioned my opinion about why I feel informative videos about engineering are important, but I wanted to ask him personally why he was doing what he was doing. That was when I thought about it. I had to visit India in order to give Sabin a proper interview.

In the following week I had compiled a list of questions I needed to ask, and flew over to India from Belgium. After a night of rest and touring the local areas, I decided to pop into the office for my quick interview.

It was an amazing experience meeting up with Sabin. He answered each question without hesitation. Quite a brilliant engineer.

The interview below was copied from my notes of the interview. I had used my last name, Smith, and Sabin to separate the quotations.

Interview with Sabin Mathew

Smith : Welcome to the interview, Sabin. First of all, congratulations for setting up such a wonderful engineering channel.

Sabin : Thank you !

Smith : May I know your educational background ?
Sabin : I am a post graduate in Mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi.

Smith : What was your motivation to start ‘Learn Engineering’ channel ?

Sabin : Frankly speaking, I wanted to generate a parallel revenue. I knew that YouTube is a good source of money. I am quite good in explaining engineering concepts. So I started the ‘Learn Engineering’ channel. As you can see the explanation in my videos are not textbook based. They are conceptually oriented and tries to teach the engineering things in a logical way. In short, I am selling my engineering concepts on YouTube.

Smith : I can see, you make 3D animations to explain engineering concepts. Why don’t you use a quicker approach, a whiteboard presentation ?

Sabin : When I started Learn Engineering, I had no intention to do 3D animations. If you check my initial videos, they are simple powerpoint presentations. But, I found that those simple videos were not generating much views. On YouTube, if the audience retention of your video is low, you won’t get much views. When I incorporated 3D models in the videos, they started to give good view counts. After that there was complete shift to 3D animation based engineering videos. It paid off really well too.

Smith : I have heard that the 3D animation software are quite expensive. How do you manage it ?

Sabin : Fortunately there is a software called Blender, which is a free software. Capabilities of Blender are unlimited, it is as par with any other commercial animation software. We are quite lucky that such a wonderful software is available for free. Otherwise things would have been more difficult for us.

Smith : I can see that most of your videos cross one million views easily. It is definitely a million view channel. What’s your strategy behind this.

Sabin : Thank you for that compliments, one million view channel. In fact our strategy is quite simple. We never make videos on trending topics or viral topics. We make videos on the topics which are always in demand, topics which are having high search value. Due to this reason view counts of our videos never die out. Even if we don’t get a high view count at the time of video upload, our videos keep on accumulating views over time.

Smith : Which was the most happy moment in your YouTube journey ?

Sabin : That was the release of Manual transmission video. It was an unexpected hit. It took the Learn Engineering channel to another level.

Smith : Did you have any difficult time during your YouTube journey ?

Sabin : Yes, we had. It was around one year back, when our YouTube ad revenue plunged unexpectedly. At one point of time we were at the threat of a shutdown. Luckily our supporters saved Learn Engineering. They supported us on our Patreon page and gave us a second life. Now our dependability on the ad revenue is somewhat limited.

Smith : Why don’t you upload your videos anywhere else ? Like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Sabin : I believe that YouTube is the best platform for the video creators. It is truly democratic. I don’t think any other platform can match YouTube’s revenue potential and copyright policies.

Smith: What are your long term goals for your channel ?

Sabin : I don’t have any long term goals, however I do have short term goal. Currently Learn Engineering generate 3 million views every month. I want to take it to 6 million views by the next year.

Smith : Thank you Sabin for taking out your time and giving me this interview. I wish you all the success.

Sabin : Thanks a lot for coming here and conducting interview. The next time you visit India, please do visit us again.

Here Is an Explanatory Video of the Tesla Model S Made By Sabin and His Crew

This unique video of the secrets of the Tesla Model S explains every little detail about how this particular car works. Sabin has put a lot of effort, and a lot of time to bring content, that can explain these concepts simply, to regular people like you and I.

I've seen many of his videos, just like the one above; they fascinate me, with every new bit of information that pours into my mind, new ideas for future projects come as a result.

I find it most extraordinary to know that all of these concept that 21st century engineers use have originated from simple concepts that have been known for ages. Hence why every new idea, and every new concept, can be explained simply.

As I find an extreme interest in engineering, and knowing that I'm not the only one, I would like to recommend that you - my readers - watch more videos of this kind for a great learning experience.

For more of Learn Engineering videos: Click Here


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    • profile image

      Rehan Hossain 

      6 months ago

      I really appreciate ur endeavor to do this interview. I really wanted to know more about this videos. And as learn engineering goes i have been following it for a long time. Keep up the good work sabin.


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