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Learn to Make Funny Gif Animations with

Updated on January 11, 2010

Easy Avatar Maker in a Few Simple Steps

People often say laughter is the best medicine. Making a funny avatar is a common thing on the Internet. Several online services like provide an animated avatar maker for this puropse. Loogix adds special effects to the avatar. Users can take a personal picture or any other image and make just a few simple selections to make their own gif animations. They can then post the animations on forums that they participate in or social networking sites like Twitter.

Visit and follow the below steps to make your own funny avatar with special effects:

1. Prepare the pictures to be used for the avatar. Pictures not yet uploaded to your computer need to be uploaded to the computer first. However, sites like Flick or will provide royalty-free images. Run a search and save them on your computer before making the avatar.

2. Use the "Browse" buttons to find the images. Clicking a "Browse" button opens up a box that contains a menu of all the directories on your computer. Click the directories to find the images and then click "Open" to save them in Loogix.

3. Select the "Size" and "Speed" for the gif animation. Choose a size of 100 pixels if using the avatar on other sites. Sizes bigger than that may be bigger than the maximum size on some sites that host avatars. The normal speed is typically better than faster speeds, but these can be changed later if desired.

4. Click the "Generate Animation" button and preview the avatar on the next page. You may also choose to add special effects by clicking on the "Use effects" button below the avatar and loading an image on the left. However, note that avatars with special effects added use only one image. They cannot use multiple images.

5. Make a copy of the URL and code used to upload the new animation to other sites. Sites like Twitter or Facebook will ask for a URL or embed code to upload a profile picture or avatar to the user's profile. Online forums also usually allow users to upload an avatar and will ask for a URL or code.

Notes: Find other sites that offer similar free avatar makers by going to a search engine and searching under the phrase "how to create a free animated avatar" or "free avatar maker."


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      k.k.s 3 years ago

      Very nice

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      zogeteoutlilk 4 years ago

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