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Leica S2 Camera Lenses – Why Your First Shoot Must be with Leica S2 Camera?

Updated on July 8, 2023

Once upon a time, Germany-based optics company Leica made a legendary breakthrough when they released the first Leica model A, which redefined 35mm photography more than 80 years ago. This time, they aspire to repeat history by revolutionizing digital photography and injecting new life into the now dwindling medium format market. Leica promises to break new ground by infusing the functions of a medium-format camera in a 35mm camera’s body through their newest offering in the Leica S DSLR series, the Leica S2.

Leica built the new Leica S2 from scratch and collaborated with professional photographers in developing the new camera concept. The result of their 4-year collaboration is a new and unique system, which can deliver high quality images quickly and efficiently than your standard fare. The results produced by this special camera are considered as revolutionary for medium-format photography.

While Leica is not as well-known compared to its mainstream competitors, it has established a solid reputation among professional photographers’ circles since the company’s inception in 1925. Such high quality does not come up cheap however so expect to spend a considerable amount of money for a Leica camera. In the case of the S2, the camera body alone can cost you at least $23,000. Lenses specially developed for the camera are sold separately.

Leica S2 Camers
Leica S2 Camers | Source

The S2 combines various camera innovations in order to produce their promised results. First off, there’s the bespoke CCD sensor made by Kodak. The sensor contains 37 megapixels and measures 30x45mm, which is 56% larger and 26% longer than your typical 35mm camera. The “Maestro” imaging processor, developed by Fujitsu exclusively for this model, produces high-quality images while cutting down on processing time and reduces the need for post-photography touchups, essentially doing all the work for you. The camera also marks the debut of Leica’s first ever autofocus system that was developed in house.

Although the S2 may look like a 35mm camera, it’s not as delicate and fragile like the original. Despite its size, the camera has a nice and comfortable ergonomic design that can suit shooters with small and large hands alike. It is surprisingly light despite its solid metal body and is well protected from the elements and dust thanks to its weather seal. The menu system and camera interface are simplistic and easy enough to comprehend.

There are four kinds of Leica lenses available in the market today. Combining the power of the special S2 lenses with the abilities the camera results in images that are surprisingly sharp and rich in color. You can capture every little detail with the S2, an unexpected feat from a camera of its size.

Overall, the features of the Leica S2 are very innovative indeed. Many have difficulty categorizing the camera because of its unique features, and maybe this implies that a new category has to be created for the new innovations achieved by this hybrid camera. It certainly sets new standards in the realm of medium format photography, something its competitors should take note of. Though it is a tad bit expensive, it doesn’t scrimp on quality and continues to deliver the standards that Leica is famous for and more.

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