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Lesser Known IT and Data Standards

Updated on July 8, 2020
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


What major industry standards in IT security and IT in general are commonly used but not commonly known? What are some of the industry standards in IT that often apply but aren't widely known?


Bar Code and Data Capture Standards

ISO/IEC standard 15416 covers the automatic identification and data capture techniques of bar codes. ISO/IEC standard 16022 covers the data matrix bar codes. ISO 15434 gives the data capture techniques for high capacity for ADC media. ISO standard 9660 outlines the file structure of CD-ROMs for information exchanges.

ANSI standard MH10.8.1 is the standard for linear bar codes and two dimensional symbols used in the shipping industry. Automotive Industry Action Group AIAG B-4 is the standard for QR codes marked onto parts.

Part and Product Identification

ISO 21849 is the standard for aerospace industrial data product identification and traceability. This standard outlines how parts are to be identified and the procedures to be used to trace components back to their original manufacturer, such as in the case of identifying the manufacturer after the part is cited as the cause of a crash. ASME Y14.41 gives ASME’s recommended practices for product definition data.

ANSI standard AIAA-R-100 gives the ANSI standard for parts management. ISO/IEC standard 6523-1 gives the structure used to identify organizations and their parts. ISO standard 13584 covers industrial automation systems and integration. ISO 13584-26 outlines the logical structure of supplier identification within a parts library.

Standards for Magnetic Strips

ISO standard 7811-6 is the standard for recording identification information on the magnetic strip on an ID card, when the strip has high coercivity. ISO/IEC standard 7811-2 applies to low coercitivity ID card recording. ANSI X9.107 applies to the magnetic strips used on bank cards like ATM cards.

ISO standard 10373-2 outlines the test method for the identification cards. British Standard BS 7110 is the standard for savings books with built in magnetic strips for information interchange. ISO standard 7501 applies to the identification cards built into machine readable visas, passports and travel “papers”.

Data Storage Media Standards

ANSI standard X3.48 was the standard for magnetic tape cassettes. ANSI X3.103 is the standard for mini unrecorded magnetic tape while X3.104 applies to recorded magnetic tape. ISO 18923 was the standard for polyester base magnetic tape used for data storage. ISO 9660 is the standard for the compact disk file system. For those interested in the history of computing, ANSI standard X3.11 applied to paper cards used in information processing, also called punch cards.

IT standards affect how information is encoded and transferred wirelessly by antennas like this one.
IT standards affect how information is encoded and transferred wirelessly by antennas like this one. | Source

Multimedia Standards

ISO standard 23000-1 is the standard for the MPEG-A data format. This standard is shared with the IEC. ISO/IEC 13240 is the standard for multimedia interactive documents. ISO 14478 is the standard for multimedia system services on distributed networks.

ISO 15938-5 is the standard for metadata for multimedia content. How are these items named? How are versions identified? What information must be included in metadata records for multimedia files? ISO 15938-5 answers these questions, while ISO 15938-11 applies to the multimedia content description interface.


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