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How To Use Twitter Trends To Get More Followers On Twitter

Updated on August 1, 2015

Twitter Strategies For Getting Followers

How To Take Advantage of Twitter Trending Topics

Twitter trends can be a great way to get more followers on Twitter, particularly because millions of people are talking about a certain trending topic at the same time. If you use twitter as a social media platform, you probably notice that many twitter users will tweet something about a trending topic on Twitter. Sometimes people will tweet something about a trending topic and it won't even make sense. Nevertheless, it's a great way to converse with other Twitter users about specific subjects and it can really help when it comes to increasing your exposure on twitter.

In fact, I've been using taking advantage of trending twitter topics for over 2 months now and it has really helped me increase twitter followers substantially, I have especially had a lot of success on twitter because I use Tweet Adder twitter software to earn money on twitter. Many times the twitter trending topic will relate to the "breaking news" and mainstream media. Sometimes it relates with famous people like actors too. For example, when a movie comes out with a popular actress or actor. It is highly likely that the name of the movie will end up in twitter trending topics.

When mentioning a topic from the twitter trending topics, its a good idea to relate with other followers. Connect with them and leave supportive comments that create conversation. When you do this, you will notice that more people will follow you and you will especially see powerful results when you mention something that strikes passion in someone. People love to tweet about things that they feel strongly about it. Whether it be opinions, solutions, supportive comments or even a question on the topic. Its a great way to interact with the twitter community and it can yield powerful gains in the amount of people following you on Twitter.

Other Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

There are other ways that you can get more followers twitter. For example, some people use a common twitter trend on Fridays. The trend is called "followfriday" and it is used to get increase followers. The basic meaning behind follow friday is, "I will follow you on twitter if you follow me back" or "I follow back all my followers". It can be a great way to get more followers however there are even more powerful methods that Twitter power users to get more followers.

One of the most powerful methods of getting followers involves the twitter software called Tweet Adder and you can learn more about it in the link section at the end of the article. Tweet Adder has been recognized as a powerful tool to use to get more followers and save time on Twitter, and it continues to grow in popularity. If you are looking for a sure fire way to get more followers on twitter and automate multiple twitter accounts, then Tweet Adder is for you. In fact, I have experienced results first hand with Tweet Adder. I have only been using Tweet Adder for about 2 months and my twitter accounthas over 5,500 followers. Ever since I started using the twitter software, I consistently get over 100 followers per day and I automate 5 different twitter accounts. This allows me to get over 500 twitter followers per day and that has proven to be very powerful for marketing on twitter. If you want to learn more about Tweet Adder, feel free to check out the link below this article. It will take you to the Tweet Adder Official Website, from there you can also see what other features it offers, and you can even download the demo version for free.


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      Great article! I'm trying to get my Twitter account more active lately.

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      I use followfriday to get more followers too. Greatnarticle and thank you for telling me about tweet adder