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Life-Changing Gadgets and Electronics for the Military

Updated on September 29, 2012

Gadgets and Electronics are just a few of the things that have made life as enjoyable (or difficult) as it is today. From smart phones to vehicles that talk to you, it seems to be a never ending cycle. The things our military uses are some of the most amazing yet.

Smart Phone Apps

Since the world is relying on technology so much many companies have come up with applications that most smart phones can use. The military application being designed by Intelligent Software Solutions does not rely on video-shooting capabilities. It is more of a mapping application that military personnel can use to report, collect and analyze data while in the theater of war.

For the iPhone you can get the U.S. Military Handbook that tells you everything. Your base pay, BAH, images of rank insignias, ribbons and medals, oaths, code of conduct, and the complete UCMJ.

iPhone also has other Military Apps to include Military Slang, Linguo (which is a 25-language translator), and even a BulletFlight app which aims for accuracy with military snipers.

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The vehicles the military uses have changed a lot over time. The main parts that have changed are the insides, with telecommunications and equipment and also the outside structure making them stronger and able to withstand larger blasts.

Some of the vehicles the military uses today include:

  • M1 Abram Tank
  • Stryker Armored Personnel Carrier
  • Humvee Light Armored Vehicle (used a lot for many different reasons)
  • Buffalo and Cougar Mine Protected Vehicles
  • M88 Recovery Vehicle
  • Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS)
  • John Deer Gator
  • Dragon Runner Unmanned Combat Vehicle
  • Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV)

These are just a few of the vehicles that I know and one of each type of vehicle to include experimental. The most amazing one to me is the HET because it is able to move any military vehicle to include an M1 Abram tank. (The HET is what my husband drove for his 15 month tour in Iraq).


There are a lot of weapon components that are life changing for the military.

  • Laser Sight - Using this pin points your accuracy with your weapon.
  • Night Vision Scope - Allows you to aim down your weapon at night and be able to see what your target is.
  • Thermal GPS - Hooks to the side of your weapon and it will detect any heated object in another room.
  • Suppressor - Makes a shot quiet so you can move undetected.
  • Flip up sights - These allow you to have more accuracy whenever needed.
  • Weapon Slings - Attach these to your rifle so you can drop it to your side without it falling to the ground.
  • Weapon Lights - Use these for night when you are clearing buildings or walking around where you don't have to worry about being seen.

Life changing gadgets and electronics that help family members

Skype - One of the best ways of communication while deployed.

Laptops - These are a lot easier to play games on and do their work on then taking an Xbox that has to have a TV and all the cords and games to go with it.

Cell Phones - Most cell phones have SIM cards that can be replaces with a SIM card of the country the military member is going to. This helps so they have a cell phone at all times. (however it is a bit pricey)

Phone Cards - Calling cards are easy to use while overseas. Almost all places have a phone that can call out and using phone cards makes it easier for the military member to call home. A Lot of the phone cards are even rechargeable so you don't have to worry about running out of minutes.

100-MPH Tape

100-MPH tape is no different then Duct Tape (in my opinion). And as we all know duct tape is used for everything from clothes to fixing a leaking pipe. Here are just a few things that good old 100-MPH tape is used for down range.

  • Box reinforcement - If your box has a hole in it or the sides are starting to come apart, use 100-MPH tape to patch it right up.
  • Instant Bandage - If you have a cut, put some toilet paper or paper towel on it, add the 100-MPH tape and it's as good as a real band aid.
  • Preventing Blisters - If you feel a blister starting to appear on your foot just put a little bit of 100-MPH tape over your sock and it will help to reduce the friction and keep the blister at bay.
  • Lint Remover - Roll a piece so the sticky side is out and roll it over clothes, excellent for a lint remover.
  • Waterproofing - Using a garbage bag and a roll of 100-MPH tape will keep just about anything you need dry.
  • Pest control and bug trap - Hang long strips of 100-MPH tape to make flypaper or make a flyswatter out of a box and wrap it with sticky side out and use as a fly swatter or place 100-MPH tape on the floor where pests like to hang out and it can help catch crickets, mice and even snakes.
  • Cord Control - Use 100-MPH tape to keep power cords and cables from getting out of hand.
  • Patch Gear - Use 100-MPH tape to fix holes in uniforms, ruck sacks, sleeping bags, etc.

550 Cord

550 cord or paracord is used for parachutes. It's what keeps the harness attached to the actual chute itself. However, this cord can be purchased at many different stores and can be used for many different things.

  • Tying things - this is a very wide spectrum but it can tie down just about anything.
  • Shoe laces - you never know when you might need new shoe laces.
  • Securing items - binding things together and holding them in pace.
  • Clotheslines
  • Sewing Fabric - use a single cord from inside the parachute cord to sew fabric.
  • Medical and Health - use the cord as a binding for a splint or a tourniquet for a serious wound. Inner cords can be used as sutures in an emergency situation. The inner cords can also be used as dental floss.
  • Tenting - tie the cord to two trees, drape a tarp or blanket over to create a temporary shelter.


Thermal Cameras - Thermal Cameras allow users to see heat contrasts. Seeing these contrasts can help prevent plant equipment failures, detect air leaks in buildings, and many more applications. These cameras have become so high tech that some can automatically adjust the color band for narrower range of temperatures throughout -4 to +482°F range.

GPS - Almost everything in the military can be located through a GPS. If a vehicle is immovable it can be found on GPS and rescued. Most soldiers can be located using a government GPS.

The Sand Flea - A 11 pound robot with a 360 degree camera that can send pictures back to the controller in real time. It can jump up to 30 feet in the air. Over walls, on top of buildings, or even up mountain sides.

Simulators - These have made training a lot easier for some parts of our military. The flight simulators are amazing and are so much like real life.

Web Conferencing - Doing web conferences makes it possible for people in the US (or other areas) to contact and be in a meeting with those that are deployed. Instead of having to fly in a specific person to teach something they can just do a web conference and hopefully learn most of the same things.

The military has so many new "toys" that it is hard to keep up with them all. They have even started to issue some watches that have heart rate monitors within them for the health of soldiers.

Because technology is growing at such a fast pace, the things we use in every day life are changing too. I'm glad our military has better weapons, vehicles, and life saving things then there were even 50 years ago.


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    • CassyLu1981 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      teaches12345 - You're right, these toys would be useful for more then just military :) Thanks for reading and the comment ;)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      7 years ago

      Fascinating article and very informative. Those toys probably lead to some very useful tools for everyone.

    • CassyLu1981 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      Thanks Robert! There are many different types of "experimentals" that the government might use but being married to the military I wasn't sure if that would be too much information shared LOL I'd love to see the Sand Flea in action :) Thanks again for the votes and comment :)

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 

      7 years ago from California

      This is a fascinating article. I love all of the gadgets. And that Sand Flee is incredible! I love it! I am sharing this article just for the simple pleasure that I am sure people will find from watching that video. ;)


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