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just imagine how we will live without technology, don't think just read it

Updated on January 10, 2013

Life without Technology how it would be... Can we live without technology?

As we see the progress of human being which is unstoppable. It means that human being always went on to discover new things. And he does all these thing to live a simple and easy life. That he does not have to do more hard work like he do it before. For that thing he went on to discover the world. And he start inventing things for one purpose only. And the purpose was this that to provide every body simple way of doing some work. It can be explained by various examples that human being invent electronics to save time and to do that work in fast and easy way. So for that thing he start on inventing so many things that he can stop himself to quiet inventing things. And in all this invention and discovery we see the main thing technology. Whose branches are so vast now that everybody is like a slave of technology. It sounds not good but its true. Its just like that the master can't do his work without his slave. Exactly the same thing is now create a relationship between technology and human being. These both are interlink with each other so much. That if we separate one thing the other will suffer. Technology basically invent throughout so many years in hope of improving lifestyle of human being in everyday life.

So if we hold on and just think for a while that what if this so called technology does not exist. What happen if human being now a days who nearly completely rely on technology, don't have any of the resources. More than half of his work is dependent on a technology. If we see a single day of a human being, then we came to know that how much he uses technology in his entire day. People wake up early in the morning with the help of a alarm clock. He ain't depend on him, he sleep at night by this relief that alarm will wake him up. Now he goes to school, college or a office, he use bus, bike or a car. To get into his destination in short time. Now if he doesn't have this technology, he always get lait to reach his destination. People use mobile now a days for conversation with another person who is really far away from him. If he ain't got the mobile, how he stay connected with his family or friend. Throughout his day he faces so many technology equipment like television for entertainment,internet to stay connected with world, electricity for fan, light or any electronic device and so on and on and on.

We see that in a single day human being faces so many technology equipment. And what if he did not have any single of them. Its even sounds so awful that life without technology. Mean there ain't no electricity no electronics no car no bus no mobile e.t.c. Life is like the stone age period that human being use to have so many year back then. Each and every thing is play so much important part in our lives that we are totally dependent upon them. For example it is the technology that this article is on the internet and everybody can read it. Simply we can just say that we can't live without technology.


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