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Linkbaiting: Beginners Guide to Effective Linkbaiting Techniques

Updated on June 8, 2011

Linkbaiting: Beginners Guide

Linkbaiting is good content.
Linkbaiting is good content. | Source

Effective Linkbaiting Improves Page Rank and Increases Traffic

There is nothing wrong with linkbaiting when done correctly. It can be a major plus for your websites SEO. Competition on the internet is not only fierce but plentiful. Without good SEO, your luck if you get even a trickle of traffic. One aspect of SEO is linkbaiting, a powerful way of improving your page rank. Coming up with good linkbait is not an easy task.

Effective linkbaiting offers stellar results. The key to good linkbaiting is knowing your audience and being able to grab their attention.

What is linkbaiting?

  • "In reality the term ‘linkbaiting’ is a new term for something that webmasters have been doing for many years. From my earliest days of blogging four years ago I know I saw people doing lots of things to get links (even though the term was never used)......I guess in part we each need to think about our priorities, values and even ethics as we go about our blogging and explore this topic." (problogger)
  • "The idea of link baiting is to create a piece of content which is centered on a set demand from a specific audience. Who do you want to relate to? Why would they care? What would make them likely to spread your idea?" (seobook)
  • “Linkbait is the website content that targets link-friendly audiences. Its goals include high levels of traffic, visibility, branding, numerous links. Linkbait combines the practices of viral marketing with popular tech brands.”(SeoMoz)

Linkbaiting is good content when done correctly.

  • Linkbaiting is good content. “At the end of the day, it boils down to this one thing. Your content needs to be amazing." (2007 Guide to Linkbaiting)
  • Make your content valuable and memorable. “The higher quality the content you create and the more targeted you make it, the better your chances for keeping a percentage of the traffic you initially attract and getting a higher number of links from your effort.”(SeoMoz)
  • Great video linkbait tells a story. No one tells it better than Grasshopper. (Grasshopper)
  • Offer useful content. The less useful your content, the less likely you are to ever receive a link to it." (Eric Ward)
  • Practice being humble. “Don’t forget your roots, be humble: sometimes it can be easy to get carried away being a BlogStar or industry talking head. Remember those who helped you along the way, and that respect will help all involved.” (13 Rules of SMO)
  • Brainstorm title ideas. Brainstorm title ideas for magnetic headlines. You can use the Copyblogger Cheat Sheet.

Linkbaiting Hooks

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Closing Notes


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    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thank you very much Paul! Those people are who I look to when I need information or am researching something that I am wanting to learn. : ) Thanks again for your comment!

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      Nicely put together article.. esp your back up resources :)and nice to see you quote people and give them credit.

    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Thank you very much SEO-Alien!

    • SEO-Alien profile image

      SEO-Alien 6 years ago from United States

      Very, very informative!! Great research and knowledge shared! We will post on our FB wall, tweet it and help you get some to this one! :)