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LinkedIn. Social Network Influence.

Updated on June 10, 2013

LinkedIn is a Great Tool for Your Career.

LinkedIn is a great tool to help you achieve your career goals. It is the professional's Facebook and a must have for anyone who wants to network effectively. Networking is the most important thing to do when trying to find a job in the field of your choice. Let me say this one more time. Networking is the most important thing to do to get your dream job so don't go another minute without this tool. It's free and it's easy! Just go to and create an account! Then create your profile making it as detailed as possible.

If you want to utilize LinkedIn to the best of its ability fill in all sections of your profile. You will utilize this information to connect with people. You can connect with others that have gone to the same school as you, people who worked in the past where you work now or those you are currently working with. Make sure that you put all employers that you have worked for because you never know who is working someplace that might be a beneficial connection to you. You may also find a connection with someone who follows the same organizations that you do, etc. LinkedIn will also tell you who, in your circle of friends, or in your friend’s circle of friends, or your friend’s friend’s circle of friends, might know someone that you want to know! You will begin to see from these connections what a small world it really is.

View of an All Star LinkedIn Profile Page

A Professional Picture is Essential

On LinkedIn make sure that your profile picture is professional. Your hair, makeup, and attire should all be professional in nature and fit with the career path that you are following. You could also put a picture of yourself doing an internship if it shows you getting on-the-job experience in a field you want to work in.

Start Connecting

Finally – START CONNECTING with as many people as you can. Since this is a professional networking community, most people will accept your request to link. They want more connections too. Another way to connect is to see if you have any friends in common. If the person that you want to link to is a friend of a friend, send them a professional message letting them know that you have a mutual friend and would like to connect with them because [you are interested in the same career field, you are interested in what path you should take academically that might help you obtain a position in the company that they work for, you are interested in joining an organization that they serve on and want to learn more about it, etc.]. People on LinkedIn are generally eager to help you with your professional goals.

Recommendation Request for LinkedIn

Get recommendations from professors, employers, peers, fellow members of committees or organizations you belong to, and clients, as well as recommendations from those that may have worked for you and that you supervised. This will show a well-rounded view of your skills and attributes. Employers interested in hiring you will read these recommendations or may pass along your information and recommendations to another department in their company if they see a good fit. Please make sure you know the person well before you ask them for a recommendation. This will ensure that they actually take the time to write you one that is detailed and of substance. Help them with your recommendation! Make it easy on your colleagues and save them time by giving them some guidance on what skills and attributes you would like highlighted in the recommendation. Hope you enjoyed the article! Now get networking!!!!!

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    • Keeley Shea profile image

      Keeley Shea 4 years ago from Norwich, CT

      Hi jaimino16. Agreed! Thanks for commenting!

    • jaimin016 profile image

      jaimin 4 years ago from Ahmedabad

      Yaa Surely Linked in is best social network :D

    • Keeley Shea profile image

      Keeley Shea 4 years ago from Norwich, CT

      I would love to have you in my network! Will definitely send you a request.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I have a Linkedin account and I never use it. :) No reason for my lack of use other than I'm being pulled in too many directions. Thanks for the wake up call...send me a request and I would love to be in your network.