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Linksys Print Server

Updated on May 28, 2010

What's a Print Server?

A print server is the device you use to connect multiple printers in a network. Each computer in the network can accept print queries and then send them to any of the printers.

When people talk about the print server, they are usually referring to the main computer in the network, or the host computer.

If you use more than just one computer at home, I suggest you get set up with a print server. Then you won't have to defer to a single computer every time you want to print something.

Is Linksys Print Server the Best Choice?

 If you have decided you want to hook up multiple computers to a print server and enable printing throughout your house or work, maybe you should consider the Linksys. I will speak specifically about the Linksys WPS54GU2 model, which is a standard Linksys print server.

The Linksys print server allows two printer connections in a 100% wireless setup. No cable chords are needed to link the computers. Some people think Linksys servers are a little bit more complicated to set up than other brands, but I think they are actually quite simple. Look below in this article and I will tell you exactly how to set it up, since this is the hangup people seem to have on the Linksys. 

It has two built in ports. One really cool feature is that you can print at two printers simultaneously. This can save a lot on printing time and allows two people to work on their own printer without having to choreograph with the other person on the network (in the house or business). The Wireless-G connection makes it very fast in how it communicates with the printers in its network. Overall, the price is really good for the Linksys and I would recommend it even if you don't need the Wireless-G capabilities, consider this a bonus of the Linksys.


Watch Short Video Showcase of the Linksys Print Server

Setting Up Your Linksys Print Server

All you need is your computers, printers, the software that comes with the device, and, oh yes, the Linksys Print Server.

  1. Turn on all the computers you want to be part of the network
  2. Plug your main printer into the print server
  3. Turn on the main printer
  4. Install the Linksys software on to any of the computers in the network
  5. Fill in your wireless configurations
  6. Finally, go around to each computer in the network and install the print server. They will be expecting you when you come around because of the wireless network. (Expect Gifts)

If you have any trouble, I suggest you go to the Fixya forum, which has answers to most any problem you might have with tyour Linksys. And you can ask a new question if you cannot find a solution in the forum. 


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