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Linux Administration Training can Boost Your Career

Updated on March 20, 2015

To stand out in a blooming IT crowd and succeed is not only difficult but possible only if you are capable of offering the industry what it needs at present. Linux admin training is one of the very few things that the industry needs but lacks today and therein lays the importance of an effective Linux administration training.

As per the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) there was a genuine shortage of professionals with Linux training in 2013 while more than 90 percent employers found difficulty in hiring candidates with the expected skill level. This scenario is not only exclusive to India but is worldwide. The basics of this training for example the command lines used and so forth are completely alien to even those who claim to be experts when it comes to computers. Thus, the added qualification of this course to your resume increases your demand as an IT professional thereby boosting your career by leaps and bounds. This can obviously lead you to illusive interviews, your dream job and worthwhile promotions if you are already working.

The best place to acquire Linux training is the Linux Professional Institute who promotes the use of Linux and open source software. The LPI are recognised throughout the world and their certification program is highly valuable and almost equivalent to a stamp of approval. There are several colleges and online courses, which are effective in providing you with the training that you will require boosting your career. Some of the basic applications of this course are as follows:

  • Basic security skills for low level administration
  • Basic introduction to the initial command lines
  • Graphical installation of Linux
  • Managing and securing the physical storage
  • Managing and securing files
  • Establishing and securing network services
  • Administration of users and groups
  • Developing File Sharing Services.

All these trainings can be acquired once you undertake the three courses of administration training or training for junior administrator, advanced administrator and senior administrator.

The best thing about this training is the fact that Linux will always be in demand and that implies that your training will always be highly regarded. Linux is simply an operating system which is not only free but flexible enough to allow its users to copy, distribute, read as well as redevelop the code. Why nothing can replace Linux is the fact that users are familiar to it and work better than others. Thus, the industry is ripe and almost desperate for the valuable Linux administration skills that you have to offer. However, the added advantage of working with Linux is the fact that it is not at all dull and boring but on the contrary quite fun and adventurous. The Linux commands run on a Raspberry Pi computer which is a great device to learn Linux as it costs almost nothing but works for you for the rest of your life.


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