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Linux Operating System Benefits And Features

Updated on July 5, 2009


I am struggling to find a place to begin telling you about all the benefits and features you'll enjoy with Linux.

  1. The operating system loads quickly and shuts down quickly

  2. The operating system is very low cost

  3. Upgrades are FREE!

  4. Browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome work well in Linux

  5. Linux offers an amazing number of free programs

  6. Linux can run Window Office

  7. Linux runs Open Office

  8. Linux looks enough like Windows you won't feel like you're in a strange place.

  9. New open source software is available.

  10. Older open source software is upgraded FREE!

  11. You are not pestered about “Genuine Linux”

  12. When you want to add software it is easy to find what you need

  13. You don't have to clean the registry often – I've never felt the need in Linux

  14. Linux can run Internet Explorer

  15. You have access to support without paying for it

  16. There are several places to find support

  17. You may have access to a support group of living people in your community

  18. You can learn Linux at your own pace

  19. Linux will run your “legacy” equipment saving you replacement costs

  20. Linux has educational software for FREE!

  21. Linux has a self-adjusting star chart for FREE!

  22. Linux is NOT Windows

  23. Linux has photo editing and managing software for FREE (GIMP and F-SPOT)

  24. You can run checking and finance software on Linux

  25. Linux will co-exist peacefully with Windows on your machine

The above list is not a ranked list. It is just the order the benefits and features came to me. The list is not an all inclusive list. You will find Linux has more benefits and features not shown above. My intent is to show you some ideas why you will benefit from having Linux on your computer.

If a few of the reasons listed above are of value to you I am happy to have given you this opportunity to see why many people are choosing Linux as a viable operating system. Should you decide Linux is not for you the choice to delete it is always yours to make.


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    • profile image

      subhash 2 years ago

      acha hai!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Rahul 2 years ago


    • profile image

      yasir raza 3 years ago

      i think you should post most basic things about linus so that it can help to new users like me

    • profile image

      Robert Pogson 3 years ago

      This list includes many important factors for individual users. I would add others:

      1) you can do with GNU/Linux anything that your hardware can do. It poses no limits through a burdensome EULA or M$'s marketing schemes.

      2) you can do anything with GNU/Linux on your PC as you do on servers on the web or on the LAN. GNU/Linux is flexible and you can run databases and other servers as easily as you can run regular GUI applications. This increases the power and usefulness of your PC. For example, lots of folks use Wikipedia. That software can run on your PC with GNU/Linux and you can create your own version of an editable/shareable store of knowledge. This is perfect for researchers/writers/ordinary folks just accumulating information they want/need in one place in a searchable format. Debian GNU/Linux, for instance has hundreds of great server applications that allow you to get advanced performance from your PC and to share it with other PCs on the LAN or the web.

      3) if you have multiple PCs running GNU/Linux, you can use them collectively simultaneously. You can run an application on one machine and interact with it on another transparently. You can update all the software: OS, drivers, applications on all your GNU/Linux PCs by typing a single command on any PC on your system. This is how folks with thousands of PCs do it. If you have more than one, you can do it too with GNU/Linux.

      These lists are just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want your PC to be the best it can be, you need GNU/Linux because Free Software is not about price but about performance, getting your hardware to work for you. I switched many years ago for just a few of these advantages and stayed because I keep discovering more and better uses of my PC all done well and set up easily thanks to package management.

    • profile image

      Muhammad 4 years ago

      Out of your list of 25 maybe there is a couple which are actual benefits.

    • Esuturtingas profile image

      Esuturtingas 7 years ago

      Hi, good article. I think Linux is the future of operating systems