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Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro Review: Trash or Treasure?

Updated on August 10, 2010

I’ve sworn off the corded mouse forever. Infamously short cables supplied by Logitech or Microsoft retrained movement and made working with a mouse awkward. Since my keyboard remains stationary most of the time, having a cordless model is more of a luxury. Still, the idea of having a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is just too tantalizing to resist. It’s more convenient than buying separately, the set has a coherent look and most importantly, you save money.

Before I upgraded to the Pro version, the Cordless Desktop Wave served me pretty well. The Wave keyboard impressed from day one. The included LX8 mouse was a different story. It was clumsy, generic in design (catering to both lefties and right-handed people) and too chintzy for my tastes.

When Logitech came out with the Pro revision to the Desktop Wave, the mouse was finally on the same level as the innovative keyboard. The original version is still available at a cheaper price. Being a person that has tried both, the Pro combo is a bigger leap forward than it appears at first glance. It is well worth the extra money.

First off, the Cordless Desktop Wave Pro is powered by 2.4 Ghz wireless, while the older combo wasn’t. The improvement is very noticeable, to the extent that it improves productivity. Fast typers experienced lag issues on occasion with the first Wave because the wireless wasn’t as quick. Besides the obvious addition of a much better mouse the 2.4 Ghz wireless is the most significant upgrade.

The Wave Keyboard

The designer of the Wave managed to take the ergonomic keyboard and make it more accessible. Traditional ergonomic keyboards take major adjustment to get used to. With the Wave, there is some measure of adjustment too, but you get a feel for it within minutes. As a person who is at the computer a lot, the cushioned palm rest is god send. These things can literally make the difference between getting carpal tunnel syndrome and avoiding it. The wrist cushion gel add-ons didn’t move when the keyboard did, requiring readjustment.

The media controls are fantastic on the Wave. You can easily increase or decrease the volume, mute, skip tracks etc. I find myself constantly having to adjust volume when watching YouTube videos for example and this is a time when the prominent volume button really shines. SetPoint software has a slick, big display bar showing the current volume level when you make changes. In Vista or Windows 7 it reminds me a lot of the volume indicator built into Mac OS X.

The grey buttons surrounding the media controls will launch the apps of your choice. Personally I don’t use these much, as I’m not a “button freak”. Power users will enjoy the flexibility and customization option available here. The zoom feature at the left of the keyboard is very cool. Also I find myself using the calculator button often. A notepad button would have been a welcome addition although you can easily program any button to launch it anyway.

Logitech MX 1100 Mouse

The MX 1100 is an updated version of the celebrated MX Revolution. It’s considered a large mouse although once you get used to it you’ll wonder why other mouses are so small. Your entire hand is well-supported when you use it. It’s really biased toward right-handed people, which is a huge advantage to most. The rubberized area for resting your thumb is very comfortable and unique. Underneath lays one of my favorite features of the MX 1100 as well, the stealth button. Press in the rubberized area to perform any multitude of custom functions.

Under the scroll wheel there is a lock that transforms the feel of scrolling. You can either set it with a click feel or let the wheel spin completely freely. When unlocked the wheel can spin for what seems like days; It’s pretty comical to try out (and fun). The feature is very handy when skimming long web pages; perform a nicely timed spin to arrive at the most useful section of content.

As a fan of minimalist I could take or leave the back and forward button above the thumb rest and the DPI adjustment control. The back and forward buttons are a little too easy to press accidently. The DPI button is interesting to mess with at first but isn’t important enough to warrant such a prominent position. I tend to use a “set it and forget it” approach. Tweakers are sure to appreciate it more.

The Dongle

Logitech has included a new, smaller USB dongle for plugging into your computer. The mini receiver is now about half the size. I hate the look of big dongles sticking out of a USB port so this was a welcome surprise.

-Looks great
-Fast 2.4 Ghz Wireless
-Ergonomic, comfortable design
-Easy to adjust to keyboard

-USB mini receiver sometimes picky about placement
-No recharging dock for mouse (uses AA rechargeable batteries)

Review Conclusion

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro is ideal for office work, browsing the web and general computing. It’s ideal for those seeking the most comfortable experience possible. Both the Wave keyboard and MX 1100 feel great and are ergonomic enough to use for hours without concern about wrist strain or eventual injury.

Hardcore gamers will probably want a rig with a more responsive mouse; Logitech has plenty of gaming mouses that will suit them better.

For the rest of us, you can’t do much better than this if you want a complete desktop solution.


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