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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock Review: Clearly the Best Loud Alarm Clock

Updated on May 7, 2012

Some people simply need a loud alarm clock... My husband is such a sound sleeper, an entire herd of elephants could stampede our bedroom and the man would stay fast asleep. Let me say, getting him a loud alarm clock, the Sonic Boom alarm clock has revolutionized both of our lives.

Before this purchase, my mornings went a little like this... First, the radio alarm would go off, strategically set for one hour before he had to get up knowing it would take him that long to be pulled out of his coma. Which mind you, was set earlier than even an insane farmer would ponder rising, without even a hint of sunlight. As an extra incentive to wake himself up, he'd choose the most abhorrent and obnoxious radio stations thinking that would somehow irritate him out of his sleep. And he somehow got the alarm clock to simultaneously go off in buzzer and radio mode.

So, the whole shebang would go off and I'd be catapulted off the bed from the noise as he continued to slumber peacefully. I'd have to reach ACROSS him to hit the snooze button. Just as I'd start to drift back off to sleep came phase two: the cell phone alarm clock. Now try as I might, I could never get that darn thing off. So, I took to moving it onto his pillow for maximum effect. NOTHING. In the meantime, the clock radio's snooze time had expired. Good grief, what about a loud alarm clock?

It took physical exertion along with threats and lies about what time it really was to wake up this man. I'd get such a workout I'd be wide awake by the end of it, downstairs making coffee and feeling, well.... a might bit resentful.

Loud alarm clock: Sonic Boom alarm clock does the trick!
Loud alarm clock: Sonic Boom alarm clock does the trick!

Loud Alarm Clock: Then Came the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock...

Good grief, the Sonic Boom alarm clock is beyond a doubt the best Christmas present I've even purchased for my husband, well alright, for ME! The early morning shenanigans are no more, he actually gets up when this "wake the dead" loud alarm clock blasts in his ear and shakes him out of bed. We both simultaneously love and abhor this loud alarm clock.

Features of the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock - It's an Alarm Clock With a Vibrator!

This is verifiable a loud alarm clock, I kid you not. On the LOWEST volume settings, the Sonic Boom alarm clock is about as loud as a "normal" alarm clock. But, pump this baby up past 5 and it is LOUD! In addition to the volume adjustment (I haven't even tried blasting it to its top volume and I don't think I recommend that), it also has a pitch adjustment. I'm sure the function of this is to cater to people who are hearing impaired and are only able to hear certain pitches. In other words, with increased pitch, the alarm tone gets higher and higher. Or, you can set it for mid range where it sounds like a standard alarm buzzer.

It comes with a vibrating attachment, too. A loud alarm clock that actually vibrates, cool, huh? It literally vibrates the entire bed, it's that powerful. It's meant to go under your pillow, which is precisely where it's worked best for my husband. The cord from the clock to the vibrator pod is long, so you can place it where you find it most effective and strategic. People even put the vibrating unit under their mattresses where it can STILL be felt.

You can change the intensity of the vibration, which is good if you do end up putting it under your mattress. You can choose to use both the vibrating feature and buzzer at the same time, or just one or the other. For my comatose husband, we've opted to use both, for "back-up" reasons.

Speaking of back-up, it does have a battery back-up in case of a power outage. Where I live, that's crucial.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Tips and Cautionary Statements

The buttons on the clock are very small, I mean you really have to pay attention to what you're doing when you're setting the alarm.

It's not rocket science by a long shot, but learning your way around the Sonic Boom alarm clock will take just a little experimentation.

It has a plastic slider for setting the buzzer, vibration or both modes. It takes a bit of finessing to get the slider to click into the proper notch.

Finally, the snooze button is way too small and in a bad location on the unit (the far right). Hopefully, the sonic alarm clock will do its job as the loud alarm clock it is and literally catapult you out of bed without reverting to your old friend, the snooze button. Because, you need to be pretty darn awake to press snooze instead of turning the alarm off!! Fortunately since it's such a loud alarm clock, that's probably not going to be a problem.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock:  loud alarm clock to wake the dead...
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock: loud alarm clock to wake the dead... | Source

People Who Would Benefit from the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

  • Extremely deep sleepers and their bed companions who are tired of a long drawn-out wakeup ritual.  A loud alarm clock can end it much faster.
  • College students who no longer have "parental alarm clocks".
  • People who are hard of hearing and must remove hearing aids before bed.
  • People who sleep with earplugs to drown out city and other background noise.
  • High school or older middle school students who need to practice waking up by themselves.
  • People who work odd shifts and have a lot of trouble waking up.

This loud alarm clock has been the best I've come across.  If you know of any more, let me know in the comments box below!


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  • wordscribe43 profile image

    Elsie Nelson 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    I hear you Lily Rose, that was the next consideration. I so wish I could sleep like that. Good to see you!

  • Lily Rose profile image

    Lily Rose 6 years ago from East Coast

    I've never heard of an alarm clock like this and I'm happy for you that you found it, but I must say that if that was my husband we'd be sleeping in separate rooms! Enjoyed reading!