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M-Edge iPad FlexStand Possibly the Most Flexible and Compact

Updated on March 15, 2011

If you want an iPad stand that is flexible the M-Edge FlexStand should be in the running. The entire stand is constructed of three flexible steel legs attached together in the middle. Two legs are tipped on both ends with rubber caps that snug around the corners of the iPad. The third leg is tipped with a rubber ball on each end. Once the iPad is placed into the M-Edge iPad FlexStand it can be used in portrait mode or landscape mode. The third stabilizing leg can be bent to allow the iPad to be viewed from various angles. If working on a slightly slanted surface or in a tight space the M-Edge FlexStand can be adjusted to compensate.

Using an iPad stand is absolutely optional. The iPad is small enough and light enough to be held in one hand while being manipulated with the other hand. However, an iPad stand is functional and can provide an expanded experience when using the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard, while watching videos or movies or while sitting at a desk or table. Some iPad stands are adjustable while others are not. The M-Edge iPad FlexStand is definitely in the adjustable category.


Whether using a Bluetooth Keyboard or using a finger to navigate the iPad the M-Edge FlexStand is strong enough to withstand the pressure. Of course if you try to collapse the coiled steel legs you could. The legs are durable and can withstand being bent into the shape that is best for the circumstance.

Another way the M-Edge iPad FlexStand excels is its portability. Many of us purchased an iPad so that we could leave our laptops at home when we travel. Who wants to carry around a large bulky stand that would defeat our purpose of saving bulk and weight? Each leg of the m-Edge FlexStand lies against the other. Grasp all three legs and bend them in half. That is how your fold it up and how it fits into even the smallest pocket of a bag.



At less than $30 the M-Edge FlexStand is a welcome iPad accessory when you need it. It is priced in a gift-giving range and could satisfy the iPad user in your life. Anyone that flies often could use it while sitting in the close quarters of an airline seat. If the iPad is shared within the family – it could be used in the kitchen for displaying recipes, in the den for watching videos or in the home office while doing Internet research. Moving the iPad from room to room is simple – handle the iPad as normal while the M-Edge FlexStand is still attached.


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