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MAC or PC? The debate continues

Updated on April 22, 2011

Well, not to get caught up in the PC/MAC debate but here we go...

To be honest, for the normal user, the mom who wants to just surf the internet, read funny emails, download some music, then it doesn't really matter. Each have their strong points and their short comings. It just depends on what you want to do with it.

PC - The average user and corporate user


PC's are cheaper so they are more affordable to both the average user and larger corporate budgets. The software is cheaper and more readily available. They connect easier to other systems.


Cheaper price also means cheaper parts. You'll find more issues as PC manufactures cheapen out on things to keep prices low.

MAC - The graphic artist type user


For th power user who thinks everything should not only be functional should also be stylish. The MAC is an art form, not just a machine. MAC means Quality! But, you'll pay for it. However, the quality parts and high end graphic cards do make a difference if you are into the high end graphic business.


Price. And it doesn't stop at the machine. For a MAC version of the same PC software, you will pay more. And just because you have a MAC, don't expect to network up to non-MAC computers. It takes a lot of IT skill and plenty of hacking to get a MAC talking to a PC.

To sum it all up....the choice is yours, but for the average user, stick to a PC. It may not be a flashy sports car, but the minivan will take you and all your stuff to the hockey game.


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    • Bryan Eaddy profile image

      Bryan Eaddy 6 years ago from Michigan

      I've been thinking about buying a MAC so this info was helpful. Thanks!