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MHIA - Material Handling Industry of America

Updated on May 1, 2012

Material Handling Industry of America

MHIA is the largest U.S. material handling association representing the leading providers of material handling solutions. Their vision is "To be a world-class material handling and logistics trade association, serving the United States market worldwide, and to be recognized as a global modal for similiar organizations". Their mission is "To deliver exceptional value to our Member companies, their customers and other industry constituents in order to promote the growth and prosperity of their organizations and our industry".

Material Handling Industry of America

8720 Red Oak Blvd., Suite 201

Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone - 1.800.345.1815

Fax - 1.704.676.1190

Introducing the Material Handling and Logistics Industry

Industry Groups of the MHIA

The Material Handling Industry of America's industry groups are diverse groups that are focused on the different faucets of the industry. These focused industry groups are responsible for training, statistics collection, standards development, technical publications and safety publications.

Automatic Storage / Retrieval Systems - AS/RS -The material handling industry's suppliers of automatic storage and retrieval systems.

Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems - AGVS - The material handling industry's suppliers of automatic guided vehicle systems.

College Industry Council on Material Handling Education - CICMHE - An independent organization that provides information and educational materials for the material handling industry.

Conveyor and Sortation Systems - CSS - The industry's leading suppliers of conveying systems.

Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc. - CMAA - The industry's leading suppliers of overhead cranes systems.

Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association - ECMA - Industry's leading suppliers of electrification and controlling devices.

Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment Council - EASE - The industry's resource for information, practices, equipment and organizations that focus on the ergonomics of material handling.

Hoist Manufacturers Institute - HMI - The industry's leading supplier of overhead handling hoists.

Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers - ICWM - The industry's leading suppliers of casters, wheels, platform trucks, warehouse carts, and in plant trailers.

Integrated Systems and Controls Council - ISC - The industry's leading suppliers of integrated material handling and control systems.

Lift Manufacturers - LMPS - Are a resource for the industry's best practices, information, and standards for equipment that lifts, rotates and tilts product to positions that allow for ergonomic material handling.

Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers - LDEM - The industry's leading suppliers of loading dock equipment.

Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. - MMA - The industry's leading suppliers of enclosed track underhung crane and monorail systems.

Order Fulfillment Council - OFC - The industry's leading suppliers of order selection, staging, and storage equipment and systems.

Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. - RMI - Suppliers of industrial steel storage racks and systems.

Reusable Container and Pallet Association - RCPA - Suppliers of reusable or returnable industrial containers, pallets, and packaging.

Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association - SMA - Leading suppliers of industrial storage equipment

Supply Chain Execution Systems and Technologies Group - SCESTG - Leading suppliers of supply chain execution software, hardware and services

Professional Societies of the MHIA

Materials Handling & Management Society - MHMS - An independant professional society that was established more than 40 years ago to serve professionals in the material handling industry. They encourage the exchanging of information and ideas between its members. The society provides educational opertunities and certification programs to help advance the standing of its members in the industry.

MHMS has a two teir certification program in which you must complete the Certified Associate in Material Handling (CAMH) before applying for your Professional Certified in Material Handling (PCMH). These certifications are a good way to show your knowlege and commitment of the material handling industry.

Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants - APMHC - An independent organization of independant material handling consultants that was developed in 1959 by leaders in the industry who saw a need for improving professional services in the material handling field. The organization promotes the exchange of information and ideas between its members.

Why participate in ProMat 2011?

MHIA Trade Shows

ProMat 2011 - The premier showcase of material handling and logistics solutions in North America sponsored by MHIA in March of 2011. This show will be held at McCormick Place South in Chicago Illinoise. This show will have exhibits of more than 700 material handling and logistics suppliers to connect and network with. For more information visit their website at They also have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

NA2010 - The North American Material Handling and Logistics show was held in April 2010 in Cleveland's I-X Center. This show boasted over 400 exhibits and 50 educational seminars, plus the Supply Chain Summit. Like the ProMat show, NA2010 was also sponsered by the Material Handling Industry of America. To learn about past and future shows you may visit their site at or follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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    • beindustrial profile image

      beindustrial 6 years ago from Effingham, IL

      Nice hub! Full of great and useful information about MHIA and the material handling industry. Thumbs up to you!

    • Greg Palmer profile image

      Greg Palmer 6 years ago

      Thank you for this Hub. The information on the wealth of trade associations out there is a valuable resource for business and industry