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MP3 Wireless Speaker Fog Free Shower Mirror from The Sharper Image

Updated on November 5, 2009

Sharper Image has been creating a lot of accessories for MP3 players lately, such as the Indoor and Outdoor Speaker, not to mention a whole slew of iPod docks. 

I suppose this is a sign of the times, as there are many of the iGeneration who must have earbuds in their ear constantly so they can listen to their personalized playlists.  Of course, it is a tad dangerous for someone to shave or shower while listening to their tunes, but Sharper Image figured out a way. 

The MP3 Wireless Speaker Fog Free Shower Mirror is essentially a mirror that acts as a speaker for an MP3 player.  It has a separate cradle that is designed for the actual MP3 player itself, which can wirelessly sync with the speaker.  Ideally, this player dock is supposed to be in another room besides the bathroom, as it transmits wirelessly at a maximum distance of about 100 feet. 

The Shower Mirror is battery powered so you will need 4 AA batteries to get it to work.   The MP3 player dock/cradle has an included AC cord that can power it up, it can be used as a charger if you have rechargeable AA batteries. 

The Mirror section of this device comes with a suction cup hanger that can vacuum seal itself to a larger mirror, and then you can hang it there.  From there, you can push a button on it to display the time.  You can set the time with the controls on the side, and you can even play FM radio stations if you do not want to play MP3 tracks. 

Unfortunately, I had a problem with getting this to work with my iPod classic.  Even though the transmitter/cradle dock seems to be designed to best work with an iPod, I actually had to turn my iPod upside down to make it work!  It was because they made it so a wire connects to where the headphones port is located.  I don’t know how this would work easier with any other model of iPod or other model of MP3 player for that matter, but it was certainly awkward. 

Also, the controls on the side of the mirror do not have a way of changing tracks, so you had better make certain that you have a long playlist. 

In spite of these drawbacks, the Sharper Image MP3 Wireless Speaker Fog Free Shower Mirror is still a product that does exactly what it says that it does, even if it is not perfect in its execution.  If you are interested in receiving this product, feel free to check it out at the Sharper Image site for $69.99. 


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      parttimemodel 7 years ago

      beyond the rack is selling this item for $59