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Mac vc PC vc Linux

Updated on January 19, 2010

Each One On Its Own Place

So you are not sure witch one is "The Best". Mac (Apple), Windows (PC) or Linux. Well, the answer is "it depends". :)

I always say that a Ferrari is just a great car on a great road. If you take it to a forest it won't go far. You would better of with a Range Rover. On the other side, on a track a Range Rover is far from being as good as a Ferrari. So, each thing on its own place.

I would divide those three "computer systems" in three different general regions.This is not rocket science and any of them can do everything, this is just the way I see them and what they are better for. (in my opinion)

General Use - Microsoft Windows. Just buy a computer on any shop and you are ready to go. Have any problems with software, just call a friend to take a look and only if there is no solution you go to the shop. You are probably used to the Windows System and you can run everything a normal user needs.

Multimedia/Audio-Visual - MAC (Apple). If you work with Audio, Video or Multimedia you know it already, Mac is the way to go. Of course a Mac is not just the operating system, it is the computer as well...and the computer itself (any of them) shows that if you are serious about Design and Image this is the way.

Programing and IT - Linux. Well, Linux is a bit on the Geek side but things are changing and Ubuntu is a great user friendly Operating System. To be honest, with all the changes from Windows XP to Vista and now to 7 you will be better with Ubuntu. It is free and It is very easy to learn and use. The excuse of "I'm used to windows" doesn't work anymore as they are not similar to each other and if you upgrade to Windows 7 you will have to learn how to use it from the beginning anyway.

Personally I use.......surprise.....

ALL. :)

I use Windows XP, Mac OsX Leopard and Ubuntu 9.10.

They all work together and I love them all.

My iMac is something special. It is a piece of art. It fits well in any room and it just works well. I'm looking forward to some extra money to be able to buy the laptop MacBook Pro. What a computer.

For Windows XP I'm using an old Advent tower with a small LCD monitor. I only use it for any program that I don't have on the Mac or for browsing the web and also to test the websites I create. It is always good to check in different screens and Browsers. (I could do everything on the Mac, but I like this way)

The Linux is on my laptop that I use it (Linux users don't get mad at me)....for internet only. :) I actually use Linux just for sitting in the sofa browsing the web. I could use windows but I'm actually loving Ubuntu. If it wasn't for a couple of programs I need and testing the websites I would just use Linux and my lovelly Mac. :)


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