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Mac OS X

Updated on December 11, 2006

The Mac OS is an operating system for the Apple MacIntosh computers. It is viewed by most users as a robust operating system. The Mac OS is based on the UNIX operating system, therefore it provides a large number of features that have been available only for professional workstations.

The Mac OS is also very user friendly. A complete description of reasons why Mac Computers are considered to be better than windows computers is given here.

Programs preloaded with the Mac OS

The Mac OS comes with several preinstalled packages. Here is a partial list of the most important software installed on macs:

  • iPhoto: with iPhoto you can organize your digital photo library and make your life much easier. iPhoto can read your pictures directly from the camera, organize them by subject, date, equipment, or any other criterion you want. The iPhoto can also make beautiful slide shows from your pictures, including music and transition effect. You can save the results in a DVD, for example. You can also use iPhoto to retouch your pictures and to order printed copies - a service handle by Apple.
  • Garage Band: garage band is a free software for music edition with professional features. You can mix several tracks and instruments, edit the sound quality, use equalization and other effects. Garage band can also record real instruments and use the result to create new compositions. The new version of Garage band can also create podcasts, with nice musical and other sound effects. Finally, you can export your music or podcast to mp3, or burn your own CD.
  • iMovie: with iMovie you can become you own movie producer, with powerful tools that can work with most digital movie recorders. The software provides easy management of video tracks, digital effects, includion of sound, pictures, text, and other elements. Nice transitions can be incorporated to the video.
  • iDVD: This software can be used to burn the results of your multimedia content to a DVD. You can add music, video, pictures, and other elements. You can also create personalized opening screen, loops, and all possibilities available with DVDs.
  • Safari: the best web browser is also a stardand software included with the Mac.
  • Mail: a powerful mail software
  • Address book: a simple but effective address book solution. Can be synchronized with almost all digital gadgets, such as iPods, palms, blackberries, and other cell phones.

This is just a partial list with the most important software. There is much more that is available standard with Mac OS. It clearly shows that Apple wants to provide the best experience for its users.


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