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Macintosh Screen Capture Tutorial

Updated on February 8, 2011
Macintosh Screen Capture
Macintosh Screen Capture

Macintosh Screen Capture

Tutorial: Macintosh Screen Capture

Macintosh screen capture allows your to record videos on your computer and show it to others as you see it. Using a macintosh screen capture is very easy! In fact it's soo easy that I was able to do it in a matter of minutes, literally wasn't that hard. Below you'll find a video on the macintosh screen capture software that I use and how to use this particular macintosh screen capture software. Again this is soo easy that even a caveman can do it (hope Geico doesn't sue me for that haha) Before I get into showing you how to do a macintosh screen capture, here are a few reasons why you would want to do this in the first place.

Reasons You'll Want to Perform a Macintosh Screen Capture

  1. So you can perform video tutorials! Say you are just the TITS at adobe photo shop and you can teach everybody anything they ever wanted to learn. Well you can do this with macintosh screen capturing. This cancels out having to set up a tripod or having your friend hold up the camera at your screen while you do your thing. Macintosh screen capturing allows your viewers to see what you're doing exactly how you do it!

  2. Video presentations! Say you work for a company and instead of doing a power point you really want to impress by doing a macintosh screen capture. Well you can easily record yourself doing what you do on your screen, show it to your peers and receive an overwhelming amount of kudos for being super "professional." This will definitely help you out in the work place.
  3. To show live proof of something that you're doing. For example say you're logging into your paypal account and want to show people that you are making the money you say you are. This will show you logging into your account and proving that.

There are a ton of other reasons but the main one is to show people what you see, how you see it!

Watch the Video Tutorial

Screen Flow Link Below

That's tutorial guys! See it wasn't that long of difficult to go through. So now that you know what you need to do to do macintosh screen captures get started right away and show everyone what you know using screen captures! If you want to use the same program as I used, which I highly recommend you do, then go ahead and click the link below! Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Get Instant Access to ScreenFlow 2 here!

to learn more about what I do visit


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    • chrisaltamirano profile image

      chrisaltamirano 7 years ago from California

      my brotha!

      thanks for stopping by and checking out the quick tutorial!

      stay classy

      "I'm always in the kitchen"

      -Chris Alta