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Magic Jack VOIP Phone Service - Real Magic

Updated on March 29, 2011
Magic Jack tiny USB equipment
Magic Jack tiny USB equipment

Are you a VOIP user and are you looking for methods to make free calls? If this is the case then why not try Magic Jack. I have many relatives and friends in the Philippines who are using it. They call me or I call them using this technology. The sound, call, or reception quality is excellent. It’s easy to install and use. Magic Jack is real magic, legitimate and not a scam.

This product review will discuss about the features and benefits of using Magic Jack. This is an ideal service used by many customers to make free international calls. It can also be applied to your small or medium business.

People always desire to save money. The foremost thing to recognize about magic jack, voip phone (voice over internet phone) is the technology being utilized to convey the communication. Magic jack phone service is only possible if you have a broadband connection (either you have DSL, broadband, cable internet, FIOS). Then you pick out the area code you desire and you’ll be given your exact Magic Jack phone number.

For the cost of setting up a second line with your current phone carrier, you can get the magic jack and a full year of phone service, so you may have to ask yourself, what you are missing. The answer is nothing, you are not missing anything, you just need to get the new magic jack phone service.

Magic Jack operates using the internet compared to your customary phone. The VOIP service has other names like broadband telephony, IP telephony or a voice service utilizing the greater bandwidth for enabling calls to be made. You can ensure voice communication over the internet by plugging the Magic Jack’s tiny USB equipment between your household landline phone and USB port of a computer (desktop, laptop, or netbook). On plugging this device in, it prompts software to function automatically enabling your computer to get prepared for making local and long distance calls through broadband internet. Pick up the phone and talk for free anywhere in the USA and Canada. It works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Intel Macs. If you are outside these countries (for example Philippines), you can install Magic Jack and call USA and Canada for free and vice versa.


Magic Jack High-quality, easy to use, plug-and-play VoIP service

Magic Jack is the 2008 and 2009 Product of the Year. For only $19.95 per year, this device will eliminate your monthly phone bill and phone cards. You pay one time around $39.95 plus shipping for the unit and it includes first year of service.  You get 30-day Free Trial.  You can extend another year of service for an additional $19.95, or get 5 years for $59.95. Sometimes the unit is cheaper in Amazon.

We normally pay about that much or more a month now to our current phone carrier (like Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, MCI, etc.) for unlimited long distance calls. This is where Magic Jack comes in to save us money. It is also a good backup for when you forget to charge you cell phone too. The sound quality is excellent when I tried it out and you get all the custom features that you normally get with the phone company like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, and Directory Assistance. I would think it’s nice when traveling too instead of using the phone at the hotel as those service charges run up pretty quick. If you plug in a cordless phone with a base you are set to move around.


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