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Magic Mouse-User product review

Updated on September 22, 2011

The magic mouse

The worlds first multi touch mouse
The worlds first multi touch mouse | Source

Magic Mouse-product Review

A Wonderful Experience with the Worlds First Multi-touch Mouse

Price: $69

Available as an independent unit from Macintosh, the Magic mouse is said to have revolutionized the interactive pointing device. Does the magic mouse live up to all the rave reviews it got when it was launched?

Multi-touch technology

First used in the iPhone, this technology has been adapted to the magic mouse. From my personal experience, the difference is sensational, never has scrolling through images become faster and easier-it is actually fun. The facility this technology provides is phenomenal. Not only are you able to perform such usual tasks such as right/left clicking, dragging and dropping, you can also effortlessly swipe through WebPages on your browser so much faster and easier. In the following passages, I would like to spend more time on the user end experience. For more information on the technological specifications, please visit the Mac webpage here.


The magic mouse can be bought separately and used on either a Windows or a Mac Operating system. The Windows drivers for the Magic Mouse have been developed and can be found on the Internet. I cannot comment on their functionality as I have not tried them. You could find them by searching for Magic mouse windows drivers.

Power Consumption

I have found the Apple Magic Mouse to be very efficient. Using two AA batteries provides a good window for use before a recharge /replacement of batteries is necessary. I have often not bothered to turn off the Mouse since I got it 4 months ago and this has not impacted power consumption to any noticeable degree.

Design and feel

The mouse is very ergonomically designed. It is accommodated in the hand in such a manner that natural movement is possible. The smooth finish is also such a pleasant feeling to have under your hand. The sleek finish also makes it very easy to clean.

Bluetooth range

This is usually an issue with some products; I have found this not to be an issue with the Magic Mouse. Connecting to my computer is also a few clicks.


The pointing accuracy is top notch, I have had no "dancing cursors" as I have experienced with other inferior products. Still on accuracy, the Magic mouse is particularly impressive with its intuitive scrolling-if you scroll fast, it responds in an "organic manner", adapting to the speed of your gesture-I find this useful and fun. The display becomes more animated and at the same time accessible.


There are sufficient settings in the Preferences to customize the Magic mouse to your personal specifications. Whether left or right handed.Contrary to some reviews that the mouse does not have a right click-this can be set up in the Preference panel.

The magic mouse by Apple Macintosh comes highly recommended in my book. Not only does it run a reliable Bluetooth connection , it is a sleek product that certainly does the job and looks beautiful on your desk.


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