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Make an Unboxing Video

Updated on September 27, 2015


I'm not sure who had the first unboxing video (Wikipedia shows 2006), but it's become a viral video phenomenon. Sometimes spelled Unboxing or Un-boxing and occasionally called "geek porn". Every new toy, high-tech gadget, phone, tablet has it's own army of unboxing videos found online. Kids open toys and describe the features, adults open phones and discuss the pros and cons.

Unboxing videos have become a mainstream outlet for consumers to gain product knowledge before purchasing those items. Many people will browse the unboxing videos before they shop for a products. For example: Anyone wanting the new Apple phone will wait to see the first few unboxing videos before they decide to buy their own phone. These videos are also fun to watch and they reveal much more than any brochure or commercial. They give a personal testimony to how the person using the device truly feels about the features.

These unboxing videos are unpaid and unscripted individuals giving their spontaneous opinions on the benefits and drawback to many of the key features listed in the brochures and advertisements. You can't always trust advertisements but you can hear the person discuss the same talking points listed in the advertisement. They generally give their own perspectives without bias.

Unboxing Videos
Unboxing Videos

The Unboxing Magic

The best unboxing videos seem to be completely unscripted. They are spontaneous reactions to something you've waited forever to get your hands on. Think of a kid on Christmas morning opening up the present shaped like a basketball when he's been telling everyone for months that he wanted a basketball for Christmas. He knows the present is going to be a basketball but he's still anxious to rip open the wrapping paper just to touch and feel it.

Unboxing videos are self-narrations of a person opening up their very own presents. It doesn't make sense until you see one and then you MUST make one for yourself. The anticipation, the suspense, surprise, maybe a disappointment or two all adds up to some exciting videos. Here is an example:

Example Unboxing Video

Hottest product for unboxing videos!!

Unboxing Video 101

  1. Script. Prepare a script. Yes, it's supposed to be spontaneous, but every actor needs a script to follow. Write out a few key points you want to discuss. Have your list near by so you can hit the key points. This keeps you from losing your thoughts and boring the audience with rambling talk or repeating yourself.
  2. Tripod. Keep the camera still and the product in focus. Let the product be the main visual seen during the video. Sure it's great to see your facial expressions occasionally but keep the camera on the product while you describe it's features.
  3. Good Lighting. Videos are best when done with good outdoor lighting or sufficient indoor lighting. Setup your product near a window during the daytime or add lighting from the sides.
  4. Study. Do your homework of the product. Study the most talked about features. Show the audience how they work. Voice your opinion while you try it. Answer the questions most people are asking about.
  5. Have fun. Don't be boring. Be excited about the product but not too excited that you gloss over or leave out the bad stuff. List the pros and the cons. If you don't like a feature, then say it. It's your opinion and your video. Be different than the other videos out there on the same product.
  6. Upload the video to your to your favorite video media website and then write a HubPage on it with a link to the video. If you would like to create your own HubPage, use this link to join.

Talking Points to Discuss

  1. What does the package look like before I open it? Read the details and descriptions listed on the package. These are good items to demonstrate later once opened.
  2. What comes included in the package? What is missing? What should the viewer purchase or have ready if they bought the same item?
  3. What is your first impression? Is it lighter or heavier than you expected? Can you compare it to anything else? What do you see? Can you pick out the obvious features?
  4. Try it out. How does it compare to similar items? Is it working like you expected? What surprises you? Any disappointments yet?
  5. Test a key feature that led you to buy it. Is it what you expected? Could it be made better?
  6. Give your overall opinion. Wrap up your review of the product. Was it worth it? Would you recommend someone else buying the same product?

Fun for Kids and Adults

Unboxing videos are fun for kids and adults. This gives kids a chance to practice their public speaking abilities. They start to notice how many times they say "you know" and "uhhh" in each video. They start to correct and improve their speaking skills and get comfortable speaking to an audience.

It's just fun. Especially when you get feedback from the viewers. My kids get a lot of satisfaction from the comments both good and bad. They love to see the number of viewers rise. They compete on who had the most views. It adds a new dimension to the toy they buy. They choose their toys carefully and research before buying. After they make their decision and purchase the item, they make an unboxing video.

Create your own Unboxing Video here using HubPages.


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