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Making money with Website Flipping

Updated on May 28, 2010

First explaining what website flipping is. Website flipping is nothing more than just buying blogs/sites with the aim of improving them and selling them in a short time period and in profit. Or instead of buying them we could just start one from the beginning and selling it.

The big advantage of buying already established blogs and with some time and content is that we avoid having to wait for Google to index the blog, we don't have to setup all wordpress and plugins and it should have some content, some back links and maybe some visitors depending on the stage at which it is.

The profit depends so such many things like:

    * The value of purchase - Profit depends greatly on the value that you buy it. If a site worth $200 and you buy it for $200 it may be very difficult to sell it on profit unless you add some value to it. If you make a good search there are many sales where the price is not what the site worth because the owner simply wants to get rid of it.
    * Theme of the site - If you buy a site with a topic that you are familiar and could write about it will be a lot easier the development and improvement. With that the sale value may be higher and thus the higher profit. Also you spend less time updating the site because you don't need to research to update it.

    * Rentabilization - While we have site in our possession we can always put adsense or other affiliate program on the site and make some money with it. Money that will be added to the value of the sell and make us to have a bigger profit.

In profit we must also reckon the time spent on the site. A $100 profit may be a good profit if we spend two or three hours with it but if we spent several days to improve and update the site the value may be a low value depending on what we earn monthly.

Besides all these factors the most important thing is to think carefully before purchase. Don't worth to buy a site, even that it may be a great buy if we don't have time to develop it in order to sell for a good price. Purchase a site on a topic we do not like, could make that we don't like to work on it and became a site with zero updates and it value slowly will decreasing.

If you buy a site with a low value, in a topic you like and if you think that can add some value to it maybe it will be a great buy. Buy it, give it a newer and better design and add some content. Then sell it for a bigger price than you buy it.

Above all we should only buy a website when we have plans for him and when we are sure we can make a profit on the deal.


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