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Many Google Services are Closed and Closing

Updated on July 18, 2011

Google a well known term for all over the world. People know Google as a search engine. Without it, people could not do search so better. I come to the Internet by Google. I still remember, when I come to Internet, one of my friend tell me to go Google and write anything and hit enter. Form then, I am using Google. I use many services of Google like iGoogle, AdSense, Analytics, Docs, Blogger, Bookmarks, Notebook, Reader, Talk, Web History, Groups, WebMaster Tools, Web, GooglePages etc. I'm fully satisfied with those.

But Google, recently closed some of the services and will be closed some other services soon. In this hubpage, I will write about some of the recent closed services of Google. I also mention some of the services which will be closed very soon.

Google Notebook
Google Notebook

Google Notebook

Google Notebook is one of the best service of Google. Through it you can browse, clip and organize information form across the web in a single online location. All these are accessible anywhere form any computer. But this great service will be closed very soon. Google Notebook blog declare on the 14th January, 2009 that this service will be closed from starting next week. But people who are using it, can use it continuously. So, it's a great reward to them. To read more, go to Google Notebook blog.

Google Video:

Google Video is on of the service of Google for searching and watching videos freely. Moreover, you can upload and share videos with the world. The best feature of Google video is that it has no limitation for the duration of a video. Google Video Blog publishes a post, "In a few months, we will discontinue support for uploads to Google Video. Don't worry, we're not removing any content hosted on Google Video -- this just means you will no longer be able to upload new content to the service....".

Other services

Google Catalogs, Dodgeball, Jaiku all's are closing soon. Google Catalogs, one of the service which is used as searching an browsing mail-order catalogs online. Dodgeball is a new social networking site built specifically for mobile phones. Jaiku is already closed and this service is replaced by Google App Engine. People love all these services but now people have to think other options. 

All the services are closing soon. I don't know what are the new things are coming. But I still fear whether GoogleReader is closed or not? I really like Google Reader. If it is closed, I may be alone. It may happen GrandCentral may be the next one for waiting to close....


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