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Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Updated on May 17, 2012

TSL Marketing's Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Written by Michelle Vos

When we hear Artificial intelligence (AI), which is a means to imitate human intelligence, most of the time we think, Robots. Lookout!! They are going to take over the world!! Despite how syfy that may sound, “robots” taking over the world may not be overly presumptuous. AI has entered the marketplace and is beginning to commercialize. So, how is AI benefitting us at TSL Marketing rather than just on the big screen or in Biotechnology Industries?

TSL Marketing is using the most basic software application form of Al. which is called Business Intelligence (BI). BI allows TSL to use functions such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to obtain information to increase lead rates for their clients.

It is fascinating to think that one day, a simple CRM system could identify patterns from the BI it collects and predict where companies are headed. Moreover, it would have the ability to determine ideal contacts within those companies directly increasing the accuracy of your target market. In other words, the “smarter” CRM would be able to select great prospects for a TSL client, based off of the BI information it stores.

Imagine a CRM system that could allow you to plug client information including, business type, the specific solution offered with basic qualifications needed from a prospect. Once the data is plugged in, it would automatically pull up the point-of-contact (POC) and include details such as his or her title and the company’s basic information.

TSL Marketing is already headed in that direction as they are currently using SalesForce. It is a CRM, cloud-based system that is on its way of making this happen. However, small details remain before AI can truly reach its potential. Once SalesForce becomes a “smarter” CRM, it will “learn” what prospects fit the “needs” profile desired by the client.


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