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Material Handling Equipment: How to select and use them

Updated on March 17, 2012

Material handling equipment refers to the equipment that are used to move or place a variety of materials. Such equipment is required by a number of businesses. For instance these equipment are used for moving steel with a crane, transferring heavy materials like barrels, bricks and drums. Some of the commonly used material handling equipment are shelves, forklifts, conveyor belts and platform lifters. These material handling equipment come with a number of benefits like the workers are prevented from getting injured while manual material handling. Let us now discuss various aspects related to material handling.

There are a number of businesses that require transfer and movement of heavy goods and materials every day. If workers are hired for this purpose, it can result in injuries and slow work. Thus it is better to purchase material handling equipment that ensure continuous work and productivity. Moreover, in the long run these equipment also prove to be economical in comparison to manual handling. These equipment even more desired at companies where material handling is done by female or old staff.

The basic purpose of a material handling device is to make the movement of materials easy and fast. It is used to transfer, stack or feed a stock of materials. These equipment come in a variety of design and shapes so as to suit the differing needs of companies. Also these equipment are quite tough so that they can be used for years without any problem. Let us now discuss the commonly used equipment and their function. Most of the businesses require equipment like Conveyors, Reclaimers ,Stackers, and Hoppers for material handling. Conveyors are the most common of these and consist of two end pulleys joined with a rotating material that allows the movement of the feed. Conveyors are used for transferring material like coal and other ores. Reclaimers are meant for capturing bulk material while Stackers are used to generate a stock of materials. Finally, hoppers are used for transferring feed material from the stock into various machines. All these equipment have become mandatory for business as they save a lot of time and result in improved productivity. These equipment are versatile as they can be used to perform a number of tasks as per the demand of the situation. This makes them cost effective and worth buying. Again, they can easily replace the manual staff required for this task which can again save a lot of money in the long run.

While selecting a material handling equipment, you should a detailed analysis of the products available in the market. You should make a comparison between the products of leading manufacturers before the final selection. This ensures that you get the best value for the money spent and the purchased equipment really help your business to flourish. Similarly, while selecting the manufacturer of a material handling company make sure that it has been in business for enough time. Always prefer a manufactures that has already gained a lot of trust among its customers.


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