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Updated on June 2, 2016

This poem was written after watching the movie Cyberbully from the perspective of a young lady struggling with believing the lies everyone was feeding here.

You see me sitting by the window everyday,
Wondering how I deal with the pressure of it all.
The truth is, I don’t.
I just make you think I do.
The pain runs deep, deeper than even I know.
I’m just waiting for the day everything breaks loose.
One day everyone will know my pain,
See how deeply they have cut me.
But, I cannot let them know.
They are too powerful, they would destroy me.

Can you see the pain in my eyes?
Can you tell my eyes are tired from crying?
Is there anything good within me?
Is there anything at all someone would even like,
enough to be my friend?
Does anyone see me through their own eyes?
Or does everyone see me through theirs?
Through what this bully is saying?
Can’t anyone make their own opinion?

I am not who they say I am! I am not!
But no one believes me. Even my best friend has left me

It all seems like fun,
But oh how quickly everything turned,
So horribly wrong.
Can you see who I am?
I think I may be loosing myself.
Maybe I’m even starting to believe what they’re saying.
Maybe I am worthless
Maybe there’s nothing good or worthwhile about me

Cyberbully movie

© 2012 Amber Moore


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