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Meaning of a Tablet Computer

Updated on January 2, 2014

A demonstration of the Portability of Tablet Computer


Tablet Computer: Reasons why you need to align yourself with its benefits

A tablet computer is a slate like mini PC which is smaller than the regular Computer but bigger than a Smartphone. Although it is a mini PC some may have facilities bigger and more effective than a regular Computer.

We are in the era of tablet computer technology because of its convergent phenomenon. Convergent in the sense that most tablets have Cellular, Wi-Fi and the facilities of a regular computer. So a tablet can serve as computer and at the same time a digital assistant. Some are designed for entertainment purposes alongside with normal computer functionality. There is a great attention for multimedia facilities such as video streaming, audio player, TV etc.

Nexus 10 Tablet(Android based)
Nexus 10 Tablet(Android based)
Asus Eee Pad Tranformer, Prime TF201( Android Tablet)
Asus Eee Pad Tranformer, Prime TF201( Android Tablet)

Characteristics of Tablet Computer

Generally, tablet Computers have peculiarities that are similar to each other. It depends on the manufacturer, design, Operating System or the purpose it will serve. The following are common Features or characteristics:

1. High Speed: Recently it has serve as platform for showcasing speed in the parlance of advancement in Computer Technology. This could only be achieved in the past by top computers in the market.

2. A portable Device: They are portable in nature and some may even be held on one hand why you type or operate it with the other hand. Mostly their sizes range between 7 inches and 10 inches. By implication one can easily carry them about and use them even on a journey.

3. Internet Access: Most of them are configured to have internet access with high browsing speed.

4. Touch Screen Technology: Touch Screen technology is peculiar to tablets. Apart from very few that have provision for physical keypad connection as an additional input device such as the Asus Transformer, most tablets are touch screen oriented with a multitasking environment.

5. A peculiar Operating System: Their OS is modified different from what is obtainable in desktop computers. This type of Operating System is the basis for their distinctive features such as the touch screen, instant messaging, Face time calling etc. A good example is the iPad series, Amazon Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab.

6. Third Party Application Interface: Most tablets manufacturers such as Apple Inc, BlackBerry and Google create room for the development of third party Applications and mostly uploaded through their various online Application stores.

7. High Storage Facility: Lately we found storage facility coming up to 64GB both internal external.

8. Proximity Sensor: This is a technology that enable a tablet computer to sense its environment and perhaps reactive. It depends on its configuration.

9. Battery Life: Tablets tend to have longer battery life than the traditional Laptop Computers. Some can be up to 10hours battery life with internet browsing or video streaming.

10. Video and Voice Recording: A good and reliable means of recording and keeping memorable events.

11. Photography: One of the best medium used to snap and editing photos with unbeatable qualities you can imagine.

12. As a Mobile voice Call Device: It can be used to make and receive calls just like a cell phone.

We can come to the conclusion that a tablet Computer is an advancement in Computer technology especially in artificial intelligence; a generational concept that equate a computer to the human brain but so reduce to convenience of a PDA portable to carry anywhere and under any condition that require its usage, which was otherwise impossible in the past.

However the regular computers still have their place. For example the Super computer is in its own class and its function is peculiar which may not be suitable for a tablet computer. Hope this clear your longings to know all that it stands for.


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