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Media and Modern Life

Updated on August 7, 2014


We here media mean mass media, mode of communication which influence peoples of a group of peoples. Media is any mode of communication or messages which reaches the group of mass peoples and affect them in some manner, in common media is used to give information about the current happening around us, new, sports and special government political happenings.

As said by some wise person that "Everything is good in limit, and too good may be bitter" Media includes the various forms of communication among the masses.

These are mainly in two forms

a) Print Media

b) Electronic Media, this really influence the modern life, it is also more effective due to its audio-visual impact.

Print Media

While the print media include newspaper, magazines, journals and books, but from these newspapers, most influence the modern life, due to its availability and its cost, it is the choice of everyone from high class to low class people, reading of newspapers has become the habit for most of the people, A newspaper caters to the tastes of all kinds of people. It gives us the latest news about the city, national and international events. It has different pages for news highlights, uptrend, classified, business, sports, etc.. A newspaper is a watchdog for democracy the only drawback is that, it is only accessible by literate and those having reading habit.

Electronic Media

Now a Days it Includes

a) Radio (FM) Broadcast

b) T.V. Broadcast

c) Internet

Radio Brocasting

Nowadays I think this is the cheapest media among electronic media which can be enjoyed by all to get connected with this you only need a device called frequency demodulater (radio set) to catch the FM/Am signals.

By means of radio we can hear only sound, In some cities FM is so popular that peoples are addicted to some channels, they feel incomplete till they hear their favorite music show.

Radio channel workers are so active nowadays that they give every minute information of your city, it gives every update happening near around you and even some news highlights also, apart from this FM channels are helping people to drive by updating them with the traffic updates in their locality.

This works in a manner that at some place either recorded or live voice is amplified and transmitted through large and tall antennas and then these signals are taken by a small device called the radio and then we are able to hear what was transmitted, but it its limitation that can be transmitted to some kilometers only.

Television broadcasting

Modern life is incomplete without television, it is the ambition of everyone to have at least one television in his home, television programs are broadcast round the clock.

Why television has great impact on modern life because it can show both audio visual content, due to which two sensory organs are influenced at the same time, which help our mind to understand the thing better, because as science said that as many sensory organs we use to understand the we will grasp that better.

Television is a very good recreation of modern life, with the help of this we get games, music, live shows, social programs live on the set, we watch everything as it is happening before our eyes.

Television is helping the modern education need.

Everybody wants to see the news of the day live on television because here the event takes place right before his eyes, the electronic media serve as an alert watchdog.


Now a days it wins the race of media because of its reach-ability and its availability, today we have smartphone which have access to the internet and today's generation is addicted to the social media, which gives you the updates instantly without any delay, social groups, internet sites and blogs etc are some of the things which gives you information instantly, due which it plays an very important role in shaping our lives, because in a fraction of second we have good news and after some time we see some which we don't want to be happened. But due to accessibility, we saw what we don't want and that makes us sad.

Rarely, it might be possible when a person spends a day without getting in touch with media.

Most commonly used applications in Internet field area








And many more

No of users using these

Number of users
1.32 billion
245 million
300 million
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