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Media monkey not working after installing sound driver

Updated on April 21, 2012
media monkey music player
media monkey music player

Media monkey is one of the best music players available for music playback. It comes with a lot of features. It has a very good user interface. Also the music search feature and library function of this player is very good. Also the synchronization features with portable music devices, iPods etc are simply very good. Also this player allows free versions blocking some features as simple media monkey. After using these features, if you feels that you want to use the additional features you can purchase the media monkey gold edition containing additional features. If you are not using this player try once downloading it. Download link

But one problem that I find with media monkey is that it will not detect driver changes. Suppose you installed media monkey before installing special drivers additional to default windows 7 drivers. In this case if you try to play music in media monkey after uninstalling those drivers, you may be unable to hear any music.

How to solve the problem if media monkey is not working after sound driver changes?.

Just open media monkey and select options from tools from the menu bar on the top of media monkey. Then select the option as shown below

Media monkey options selected from tools in the menu bar
Media monkey options selected from tools in the menu bar

Select output plugin section from options menu. There will be two options to select as shown in the picture shown above. First one showing media monkey Direct sound output, and the second one will be waveout output v2. By default the first option will be selected. You select the second option and select ok. Again try playing music. Surely it will work and will start playing. Once you make sure that the music is playing, again you can go to the same menu and select back the first option and press ok, then also music will play smooth without any problem


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