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Mi Pet Dancing iPod Speakers

Updated on April 26, 2015

What are Mi Pets?

No entertainer wants to follow a kid act or an animal act. Why? They are so cute, of course. Mi Pets are a great example of pets performing tricks. Whether you favor cats or dogs there is a Mi Pet that will entertain you by dancing to the music.

Sure, Mi Pets cannot lick your cheek or purr at your feet, but they can make you smile. However, once they are plugged into an iPod or other MP3 player the Mi Pet starts dancing as soon as the music starts playing. They dance by bending their knees and they wiggle back and forth as if their dance was choreographed to each and every song.

Movements slow down or pick up the pace according to the song’s melody.

What Choices are there for Mi Pets?

A Mi Pet stands approximately 11 inches tall. There is a Golden Retriever, a black and white Border collie, a golden color cat and a black and white cat. Each Mi Pet has a hidden speaker beneath their faux fur exterior. They stand upright and are stable enough to dance without falling over. The Mi Pets remind me somewhat of a dancing Elmo except a Mi Pet lets you listen to your favorite tunes instead of tickling your funny bone. Children (rated for 8 years old and up) and adults as well make great audiences. If you prefer to simply listen to your music without all of the dancing there is a button for that inside of the left paw.

Are Mi Pets Hard to Use?

Mi Pets prove that technology does not have to be scary. Mi Pets are easy to use and does not require much knowledge of how they do what they do. If you can plug in a cable you can make the Mi Pets dance. Mi Pets do not have an opinion – they love your favorite style of music and will dance to it. The arms can be posed to imitate the musical dance style and although the dance moves are repeated by each Mi Pet, each dance move is coordinated with the music being played by an iPod or MP3 player.

Very little technical knowledge is necessaryt - all you need to play music through your favorite Mi Pet Speaker is to insert 3 AA batteries, plug in the included connection cable and turn on the music. The most difficult thing is deciding which pet to pick.

Who would like the Mi Pet iPod Speakers?

It is difficult to please everybody but fun loving people tend to enjoy useable items that are unique. I can give a personal testimony to that fact. My father-in-law has the “don’t-worry-be-happy”singing fish plaque made famous several years ago. The kids love it and visitors will often walk by and push the button that makes it wiggle and sing.


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    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 7 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Cute cute, the Mi Pets should be in every home. They seem to be entertaining, and lots of laughter can be added in this environment also. Dancing with the Mi Pet looks like fun I want my children have. Thanks Debbie Cook