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Microsoft Hyperlapse Application

Updated on May 19, 2015

Screen shots


This is just a very short piece inspired by both James Freemantle and a cool new app from Microsoft, Microsoft Hyperlapse, which is available for both Windows Phone and Android operating systems. It is basically time lapse photography made simple, you simply record a video via the app, which has a very simple interface, or you can use video you have already taken and use Hyperlapse to speed them up . I have had very little time to work with the app since release as I work six days a week and the weather on my one day off has been awful. I'd posted on twitter that the application was cool, specially for people with limited skills like myself and I thing folk with far more creativity than me will be able to do both very artistic and entertaining Hyperlapse clips, in fact I may try filming the sky for a couple of hours if I get the chance :)

Simple Interface & Menu

Minimal on screen clutter
Minimal on screen clutter
simple menu
simple menu

Anyway, following an email chat with Mr Freemantle from Connects and spotting a bit of sunlight between the rain I've taken a couple of sample videos. A quick tip, save the original video at 1x then you can go back and re-edit to different speeds, if you save and exit at high speed you only keep the edited copy and if it is high speed you don't have much to work with :/ That said I can see a lot of possibilities with the app and will be interested to see what people can create with it :)

I made a couple of Hyperlapse videos and hope they give people a vague Idea how it works, the titles are fairly self explanatory , but the 3 minute walk down the cutting is sped up by 16X and the quick traffic vid is 1X then re-edited to 8 & 16 X . This is hardly Cannes stuff, it is me messing about, but someone with some time and imagination could do great stuff I think, well done Microsoft !!

3 Minute Walk Down The Cutting

Traffic Real Time

Traffic X8

Traffic X16

Go Try It !

So that's about it , a cool, simple application, could be arty, is fun, very cool, give it a try :)

Thanks for taking a look.


Stephen Quin


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