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Microsoft Office Word 2007

Updated on March 16, 2011

 Micrososft Office has been coming with very many versions, there are 97 - 2003. But the most outstanding version is the latest MS WORD 2007. With this version you have the ability to perform many tasks as compared to the previous versions

But many people are getting difficulties in using this version just like Microsoft Windows Vista which is giving people alot of headeach

With Microsoft Office 2007 you have the ability to edit and format your document as you wish with better page outlook

Some features that it comes with includes the ability to insert a excel worksheet as a table in your Office Document. This functions is not supported by other previous version hence will not be displayed in MS 97-2003

When saving documents in MS WORD 2007, you save with the compatibility of other versions to enable you open in any Microsoft Word 97-2003.

In general the Word 2007 is perfect to edit, format and produce a professional document

With the numerous challenges I decided to come up with step by step tutorial on how to use MS WORD 2007, with this you will not only edit and format your document but you will gain alot of lessons on Word and how to overcome their challenges.

Check on my blog to get complete and ongoing tutorial on Microsoft Word 2007


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    • oderog profile image

      oderog 9 years ago from Nairobi

      That is true and why I created a free tutorial for new begginers on word 2007 at

    • Josef Benjamin profile image

      Josef Benjamin 9 years ago from Detroit

      IU use word 2007 to type up my articles, blog posts, hubs, scripts, etc...and the ease of use to go from Word doc to Works, to ultraedit, to notepad seamlessly is a godsend.

      I like using word because of the word count feature and it's extra added features.