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Microsoft Outlook Crashes - How to Disable Outlook Plugins

Updated on September 29, 2009

Get Microsoft Outlook Working Again

Over the years, I have had many customers call me because they are frustrated with Microsoft Outlook. Common symptoms include:

  • Outlook freezes when sending email or receiving email;
  • Outlook will not open at all;
  • Outlook will open once, but if you close it, it will not open again until you restart your computer;
  • Outlook randomly crashes or freezes;
  • Etc.

Quite often (but not always) these problems are due to one or more Outlook Plugins and Add-Ins that have become unstable.

Fix Microsoft Outlook - Disable Unstable Plugins and Add-Ins

How do you know if you even have any Outlook Add-Ins or Plugins? How can you turn them off if you do?

Simple: Use the free Office Add-Ins Manager from NirSoft.

This powerful little utility will help you manage all of your Microsoft Office Add-Ins and Plugins. If you suspect you don't need any add-ins running at all, disable all of them--though you should make note of the original settings in case you want to restore them.

To disable an Outlook Add-In:

  • Close Microsoft Outlook if it is running.
  • For added assurance, restart your computer.
  • Run the Office Add-Ins Manager to get a list of Office Add-Ins.
  • Click the heading of the Software column to sort by software.
  • Find the Outlook entries in the Software column, and make note their initial Start Mode values.
  • Right-Click on each Outlook entry, click on "Change Start Mode", then click on "Disabled".

If it was an Add-In or Plugin crashing your Microsoft Outlook software, then your problem should now be solved! If this did not help, you may wish to restore the Add-Ins to their initial Start Mode states.

Microsoft Outlook Software Links


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    • jonely profile image

      jonely 6 years ago

      I have always used Microsoft Outlook. Excellent for managing multiple emails and calendars. Set up was easy and setting up emails was even more simple from previous versions.

      Many of the new features such as clean up to remove redundant messages and the ribbon bar helps manage the mail. However, moving from Outlook 2007 to 2010 presented some problems. When I imported my my old .pst file it move all of my address book entries to the contacts and when I tried to import my wab file it wouldn't let me with an error message stating that it had already been done even though my address book was empty. I deleted the contacts but it still wouldn't allow me to import my wab file. I had to add the entries manually, one at a time. Also, it didn't move my saved emails correctly. I had to do that manually as well.