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Microsoft WMM 1000 Wireless Mouse Review: Should I Buy This Online ?

Updated on July 30, 2014

This is in-depth review of Microsoft Wireless Mouse, that I have used (and still using) for 1 year. Therefore I have decided it's a good time to give you the review. In this article I will list few pros and cons and help you to decide whether you should buy this mouse or not.



  1. It comes in a black color, the material is easy to grip plastic and in the box you will get 1 AA battery and a nano USB.

  2. For its price, the product is quite elegant, Lightweight, responsive.

  3. This is a Plug and play wireless mouse, that means you will have to insert the receiver and it will automatically install the drivers. I have tested this mouse on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android (using a OTGcable), installation of drivers in all of them did not take not more than 2-3 seconds.

  4. The battery backup is really impressive. I only use Duracell battery which always last for 3-4 months with 10+ hours of daily usage.

  5. The product is nicely built, I can say that because I am often careless with this mouse but even after falling from the table there is no crack or scratch or any impact to the functionality of this wireless mouse.This is why I always prefer big brands like Microsoft.

  6. I found it decent for mouse intensive tasks like video games, Photoshop, video editing etc. However it need a flat surface to work well.

  7. I have tested it with 10 m distance and the pointer work fine, which tells the reception is great compare to others.


  1. The biggest drawback with this mouse is that it does not have an automatic power off when not in use (you have to turn it off manually using a on-off switch under it). But I have done my research and this automatic on/off feature is not available in any other wireless mouse in this price range.Therefore if you can extent your budget then go for other wireless mouse which has this option. Trust me this automatic on/off feature is useful feature.

  2. I found that it does not works well on all the surfaces. For example it work good in (plywood) tables but the cursor is not stable when you used it in bed-sheets or smooth surface like glass. But you can buy cheap mouse pad to overcome this.

  3. It is smaller than a normal mouse. Even tought I like this features, as it's easy to carry around but if you gigantic hands that you find it difficult to manage the mouse.

Check out this video I have made on comparison between Dell WM112 Wireless VS Microsoft WMM 1000 Wireless Mouse

Quick Tips

You will have to hold the CTRL and use the scroller to use the zoom function.

Should I Buy It Or Not ?

I am writing this review after using it for 1 years and haven't face any problem with its working. Therefore I sure it's an excellent entry-level wireless mouse.For average day-to-day task like browsing, office works and Photoshop, it will worth your money however remember it's not for hardcore games and it has few setback like size and not suitable in bed-sheets.

So if these are not an issue for you go ahead and buy this product, I would recommend this product for simple day-to-day use.

My Rating For Wireless Mouse

4 stars for MICROSOFT WMM 1000


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