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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Bundle Review

Updated on August 30, 2011
The keyboard and mouse are really lightweight and ideal for travelling.
The keyboard and mouse are really lightweight and ideal for travelling.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Review

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 is a full sized keyboard and mouse combo by Microsoft, designed for comfort and easy multimedia control. It is very inexpensive for a wireless desktop combo, selling for $39.95, and works amazingly well considering the price. Both the keyboard and mouse connect to a single wireless receiver, which uses a USB slot in your computer, and has a range of about 15 feet (though the box says 10, the actual working range seems to be a bit longer). Both the keyboard and mouse work off of a 2.4 GHz signal, which means that the connection is always secure; I have never had a problem with the keyboard lagging or the mouse cursor skipping or dragging across the screen.

The keyboard has been designed to save space, and as such the spaces between the typing pads have been removed. As such, the number pad, main type pad, and keys in between are all touching. However, the basic layout is the same as the standard QWERTY keyboards, so getting used to the different spacing is not that hard to do. However, the F keys are also put together in a single line instead of standard groupings of four, which can be confusing if these are hot keys in certain applications. The keyboard stays solidly planted on the ground thanks to rubber holders on the bottom of the board, which work with the legs of the keyboard raised or lowered.The keyboard is light when compared to similar keyboards by Microsoft, and as such would be a good keyboard to use with a laptop, as it will not be too heavy to take in a suitcase. Built in hot keys allow you to change the volume of your computer, control your music, and quickly access the calculator application. Installing the keyboard and mouse is amazingly easy to do, as all you have to do is put the receiver in an open USB slot and load the batteries into the keyboard and mouse (2 AAA batteries for the keyboard, 2 AA batteries for the mouse). The battery life for the keyboard seems to be well over two months, but I haven’t used the keyboard long enough to know the true battery life.

The mouse is not as great as the keyboard is, but is still pretty good. I found that it is very precise in its movements, which makes sense because it tracks at 1000 dpi. I like how well the mouse fits into my hand, a comfortable feel that gives me a lot of control over how I move the mouse. Another feature I like, and which makes the mouse great for travelling as well, is the fact that you can place the wireless receiver on the bottom of the mouse to take it with you wherever you go. Since I use this desktop bundle with my laptop computer, it is a really convenient feature. The mouse can be turned off to preserve battery life, and in the two months of usage I have not yet been forced to replace the batteries.


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