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Milling Machine Construciton

Updated on December 24, 2009

Milling machine

Milling machine may be defined as the type of machine in which the metal is removed by causing the job to be fed against a revolving cutting tool called the milling cutter, which has one or more cutting edges.

There are several ways of holding milling cutter, which rotates with the machine spindle, or held in a col let or other adopter which fits the spindle.

Milling Machine
Milling Machine

Types of Milling Machines:

There are two main types of milling machines:

(a) Bed type (b) column and knee type.

Bed type milling machine:

A bed type milling machine has a vertical adjustment of the spindle,

  • Simplex milling machine.
  • Duplex milling machine.
  • Triplex milling machine.

(b) Column and knee type:

A column and knee type milling machine has a vertical adjustment of the work table.

  • Hand milling machine
  • Plain milling machine
  • Universal milling machine.
  • omniversal milling machine
  • vertical milling machine.

Planner type milling machine

Special type milling machine

  • Rotary table milling machine
  • Drum milling machine.
  • planetary milling machine.
  • Pantograph milling machine.

Universal Milling Machine

Construction of Universal Milling Machine

A universal milling machine is so named because it may be adopted to a very wide range of milling operations.The table of universal milling machine is mounted on a circular swiveling bage which has degree graduation, and the table can be swiveled to any angle up to 45 degree on either side of normal position.The table can be swiveled about a vertical axis and set at an angle other than right angles to the spindle.Thus in a universal milling machine ,in edition to three movements as incorporated in a plain milling machine,the table may have a fourth movements when it is fed at an angle to the milling cutter.This additional feature enable it to perform Helical milling operation which cannot be done on a plain milling machine unless a spiral milling attachment is used.

The capacity of universal milling machine is considerably increased by the use of special attachments such as dividing a head of indexing head, vertical milling attachment, rotary attachment, slotting attachment, etc.The machine can produce spur, spiral, bevel gears, twist drills, reamers, milling cutter etc.Beside doing all conventional milling operations it may also be employed with advantage for any and every type of operations that can be performed on shaper or on a drill press.A universal milling machine is therefore, essentially a tool room machine designed to produce very accurate work


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