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Minnesota Musing: The Daily News - Fake News Vs. Real News

Updated on October 21, 2017
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Char is a writer who has written for the Freelance Writers International, Yahoo, Constant Content, Squidoo and now Hubpages.

The News This Morning

Some days, we - my coworkers and I - feel tired of the news.

Our television is set up in kiosk style news breaks. It is of a repetitive nature, telling us of a certain news story and then, repeating that story over and over again.

Some days, a person just feels like we could do away with protests, mass shootings, rapists and murderers getting full coverage. Apparently, good people are too boring to appear on the National headline news.

Don't get me wrong. Some of the people featured could very well be good people at heart, just that the news seems to prefer to portray them in their bedhead, early morning, un-brushed teeth, and wrinkled-clothes appearance. I suppose, right after they've arrested them and made them stand for their height shot.

Perhaps the true ambition of the news is to make us, as a people feel better, knowing that our own lives are so normal?

Well. I'd still rather not be inundated with it day after day. It really sets the mood for my day.

Our News Hero - Michaela - You Go, Girl!

Our Morning Star - Michaela - Kudos to You

We all know a Michaela type personality here at home. Those woman are the women who live their lives, having an opinion and working to expose the tyrannies and vices of our current situation.

Wow. Are there ever a lot of vices in the news each day. It must get pretty tiresome to have to tell us about each one.

The Las Vegas Shooter

I watched the news about the shooter during the Jason Aldeen concert.

First, the news covered the incident. Then, it interviewed some random witness.

The random witness was excitedly talking about the room being a great spot for missing wires and shooting the crowd. Or did I mishear what he was talking about? Was this fake news? I only had a few minutes to catch anything said, and I was eating animal cookies with Nutella and I may have misheard.

Has anyone ever read the story by, is it Alfred Hitchcock, about the woman who takes a frozen pork chop or a leg of lamb, and hits her husband in the head with it. He dies. She puts it in a pan in the oven and leaves her house. She goes to the grocery store and talks to the grocer about how she is making a nice little supper for her husband. She tells him that she needs some vegetables for her meat that is currently cooking in the oven.

She then goes home and pretends to discover the dead body, and calls the police. The police show up at her door and discuss the details of the dead body. She then, offers to feed them, since this lamb dinner will go to waste if they don't eat it. After all, she went out of her way to prepare it for her husband, and someone has killed him.

They accept her invitation and as they chew on their food, they discuss how the murder weapon is probably right under their noses. And, of course, it is.

My Opinion - Based on the Lamb Chop Theory

Well, I got a little excited and angry when I heard the news about the shooter.

Here is my opinion. It's so Alfred Hitchcock to me... so lamb choppy...

It's almost like the guy who did the shooting and killed himself, was kidnapped. I think he was held at gunpoint and forced to shoot the gun. Then, I think he was intimidated into killing himself.

Did they not interview the shooters brother and he didn't think that his brother was capable of the shooting. Or was that fake news?

Perhaps the kidnapper could just stand in the hall by the door, holler the words "room service" and enter the room without being detected or even noticed. And, all those guns in the room. There was something weird about the fact that there were so many guns in the room and nobody had any knowledge of them being in there. So, where did they come from? Is there no video footage of the guests coming and going? Were we inundated by fake news?

The guns at the 'shooters house'. Is this a wonderment that there were so many guns at the guys house? Were they planted there? Is that information real, or was it fake news?

At that point, did the kidnapper leave the room and go outside and get interviewed by the news media, and blend in with the crowd? Everyone would be so distracted by the odd details, that they wouldn't even notice someone in the street wandering about.

Like the lamb chop that we're eating, being right under our noses.

Fake News is Libel

Libel is a bad thing. Libel is a lie and it a written fabrication about someone. With social media, some people share information because they can read the articles better later. Some do not have internet at home and share everything in a WIFI environment, so they can read offline in their own environment.

The only problem is, sharing causes other people to be able to see these sharing. Passing on bad information, is libel.

Nobody considers the bad information to be fake, since it is on the internet, it must be true, but it is not true. Sharing false information is a bad idea.

Fake News

The worst thing about fake news is that, it's almost as bad as listening to the weatherman and planning your picnic outside, based on their prediction about the sunny day that you are supposed to have.

That day comes and that hurricane hits.

Do You Feel the Same Way I Do?

I almost feel like I should add a poll mode to this page. Perhaps I will.

Did you vote for Trump?

See results

Well, It is What it Is, Isn't It? Real or Fake.

Monday through Thursday, I personally get up in the morning, two-ish, and get ready to go to work. I work a 12 hour day and then go home.

I'm tired when I get home. I spend my time at home thinking about supper time, working on random projects, tidying the house upon occasion and resting.

When I am home, the television never goes on. I do, however, go on my computer for a bit at night. I play a little Yahtzee on my computer with a major number of anonymous people. It's just me, and my computer.

I do pages, like this one, occasionally. The subjects are fairly random. I spend my time thinking of new pages quite frequently. Do I spend my time doing pages that are negative? Do people who report things that are negative or real news, think that they are doing their duty, being indignant and pointing out the truth, or is it just their opinion, or fake news?

What are your thoughts? Comment below.


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