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Mobile Accessories for Working Out

Updated on March 13, 2013

Music and Working Out

It is amazing how mobile technology has such a huge influence on the health and fitness industry that some people couldn’t exercise without listening to their favorite song or choice of music. Just look at the gym and notice the number of people matching their routine with the tempo of the sound their listening to. At the park, it is common to see some runners talking to someone through their headphone jack or bikers receiving / making a call with a wireless state of the art Bluetooth headphone.

Read on and discover

  • Why people prefer to listen to music while working out
  • Reliable mobile phone accessories to use when working out

Why listen to music while working out?

People listen to music while working out because it is a great way to soothe and relax one’s mind while staying in shape. Music is also a great a motivational factor for some difficult workout routine – especially if the beat and tune is applicable to the routine. There are some songs whose tempo can psyched up the person to perform an adrenaline flowing and energy draining exercise. With the best headphone, these exercises are much easier and more comfortable to do. Finally, calm music is suitable to calm routines such as Yoga.

Mobile gadgets to consider when working out –

In this day and age, music on the go is no longer limited to portable audio mp3 players. Mobile phones with huge internal disk storage or expandable memory card slots can act as a similar device. Aside performing as an audio mp3 player and the basic phone abilities, some cellphones are capable of browsing the web through 3G or Wifi connectivity, can be a mobile video player, portable external hard disk, etc…

Some samples of excellent mobile phones for working out are located on the right.

Mobile accessories suitable for exercising -

To enjoy your phone as a portable mp3 player while working out, you’ll surely get the basic accessories like belt holders, armbands, and headwear. Belt holders and arm bands are a given as it would be quite awkward to hold your mobile device while working out. However, when it comes to headwear, some points should be considered.

The best headphone actually depends on the user. Choosing between a traditional or wired headphone against a wireless Bluetooth headset can be a possible issue. Stock hands free headsets of mobile phones are usually wired (connected through the headphone jack). Though this is perfectly fine, it may impair some mobility, it does not define true freedom of movement which can be a problem when working out. Wires and cables can lead to twists and knots. When working out, it would be advisable to go for a wireless Bluetooth headset.

Obviously, don't go for the expensive ones like headphone beats. There are a number of relatively cheap durable sports Bluetooth headphones that are ergonomically designed to suit any person who is always on the go. It makes the user appear more professional, and is seemingly comfortable to use.

An excellent example of such wireless Bluetooth headset where you can definitely get your money’s worth is AudioACTIVE Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headset (showcased on the right).

This inexpensive reliable wireless Bluetooth headset is a convenient and comfortable way to listen to your favorite music from your mobile device while working out. This wireless Bluetooth headset isolates ambient noise for clear, uninterrupted, stereo sound audio. AudioACTIVE wireless Bluetooth headset can also run up to 6 hours in one charging and works perfectly well even in a noisy environment.

However, for those who thinks that they would perform best and would still prefer wired headphones, don’t worry as GOgroove still got you covered with GOgroove audiOHM Ergonomic Retro Earbuds.

This Retro Blue audiOHM Earbuds comes with AP Noise-Isolation and SonusMAX Technology that can deliver crystal-clear and uninterrupted audio. Crisp sound performance is due to Neodymium magnetic components enclosed within audiOHM. The earbuds come with 3 different-sized ear gels that will perfectly fit any ear.

That's just about it. Stay fit, workout, enjoy that music!


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