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Mobile Apps Thumbspeak Review

Updated on December 12, 2012
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After reading a positive review of the Mobile App Thumbspeak, here on Hubpages I decided to check it out.

The Thumbspeak Mobile app is designed to provide you with paid surveys to complete.

Here is an overview of my experience over the last 3 months with the Thumbspeak Mobile app.

Thumbspeak Claim

"Just download the free Thumbspeak mobile app. Then, tell us a little bit about yourself and we'll send short and sweet questions to you. They are quick, easy and fun AND you'll earn rewards"

Thumbspeak Registration And Profile Surveys

The download of Thumbspeak Mobile app, registration and completion of the profile surveys took approximately 20 minutes in total.

There were 15 profile surveys to complete, each with anywhere from 1-20 questions and were based on the following topics: Mother and Baby, Research, Health Care, Smoking and Tobacco, Travel, Media, Computer and Video Gaming, Electronics, Hobbies and Interests, Food and Beverage, Auto, Occupation, Education, Household and Ethnicity.

Note: There is no reward for completing the profile surveys this just allows the company to provide you with relevant surveys

The Good

The positive experiences I have had with the Thumbspeak mobile app include:

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Mobile app is easy to navigate and well laid out
  • According to Thumbspeak the rewards are paid into your Paypal account

The Bad

The bad experiences I have had with the Mobile app Thumbspeak include:

  • No option in the Mobile App for help or to provide feedback
  • Have not received one survey to complete yet
  • Receive notifications that there are new profile surveys to complete but there is no indicator as to which category the new questions are in. In fact there are no new profile questions to complete (I checked each and every category).

Refreshing/Updating Thumbspeak Mobile App

I decided to sign out of Thumbspeak mobile app completely to see if refreshing the mobile app would provide updates. When signed back in there was an "!" against each of the profile surveys which I had never seen before. I went into the first two profile categories and again there was nothing nothing new and still no paid surveys to complete.

I also checked the App store to see if there were any updates for the Thumbspeak Mobile app, however there was not.

Contacting Thumbspeak

As a last resort I decided to go to the website for Thumbspeak and send some feedback in regards to the issues I am having with this mobile app.

Email sent 24th JULY 2012, I will provide an update once I receive a response and I have further information.

Your Experience with Thumbspeak Mobile App

What has been your experience with Thumbspeak Mobile App

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