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Mobile Gadgets: 3 Messenger Bags Specific to Amazon Kindle 2

Updated on May 31, 2015


The Amazon Kindle 2 has hit the road running and it is a difficult gadget to resist. Those that do give in to its beauty and functionality will need a case to protect it. This is true for most any electronic gadget – especially those gadgets with large screens. Multiple cases are available and there with the many price points there is one for each Kindle 2 owner.

Octovo is a company that offers Kindle 2 cases, stands, sleeves and Slip Covers. They offer non-leather cases for as little as $10 each. My favorite is the Messenger Bag. It is made of either black or brown Italian leather and canvas with pockets for additional gadgets. Of course your Kindle 2 has a special spot reserved. The shoulder strap is adjustable. This Octovo Messenger Bag measures approximately 9” tall x 3” thick x 7” wide and works for both women and men.

Nomadic is also a company that makes a Messenger Bag for the Kindle 2. Along with bags designed to fit specific laptops from Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba to name a few, the Nomadic Kindle 2 Premium Multi-Pocket Messenger Bag is specifically designed for either the Kindle 1 or 2. This bag is a bit different than most due to its drawstring design. It is lightweight with multiple pockets with secure closures and a shoulder strap.

Geno offers a Kindle 2 Multi-Pocket Messenger Bag that also uses a drawstring design but has other interesting features. It too sports multiple pockets with secure closing Velcro and a shoulder strap. What sets it apart is the tuck away fanny pack style straps that allow for an optional way to carry it.

The kindle 2 is such a versatile book reader that those that own one will want to take it everywhere with them. A case or cover has to be convenient and easy to use or they will just get in the way. Choose the cover or case according to the way you live. If you like to actually hold the bare Kindle a Messenger Bag is the best choice. If you like to tuck the Kindle 2 inside of a bag that you already use a case would be the best choice. Either way there are many options available.


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