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Amazon Kindle 2 - Yes I Want One

Updated on July 8, 2014

 Where do I begin to tell you why I believe that the Kindle 2 is good for book lovers as well as for us that do not necessarily read a lot of books? After all why would someone that does not enjoy reading books want a device that is dedicated to those that do?

Tips and Tricks on the Amazon Kindle 2

So Thin, So Sleek, So Tempting!

The Kindle 2 is here. It was eagerly awaited and anticipated and in my opinion it has lived up to the hype. In case you are wondering – no I do not own one yet – but I sure do one.

I will begin with my favorite feature. You may have already guessed that the “Read to Me” feature has won me over. We are asked to evaluate this “experimental” feature – I really hope that they understand how important it is. I wish so much that this feature was included on the iPhone application so it would be easy to listen to a book while jogging. The Kindle 2 needs a jogging accessory. I am trying to decide whether carrying it over a two-mile jog would work for me. I guess I could download audiobooks to my iPhone just like I could with a Kindle 2, but that would cost $14.95 per month. Could this be the reason that the “Read to Me” feature is experimental? I have heard talk that Amazon has received flack over it. So, just asking.

The Kindle 2 is very thin (one third of an inch) so maybe carrying it would not be so bad. At 10.2 ounces it is light enough to fit into a “big” pocket. OK – I realize that I am projecting my wants onto this gadget but maybe someone will read this and will come up with a great idea to make it work.

In reality I do like books. Especially those books written about business, motivation and organization. Time is my enemy – there is just not enough of it. Speaking of time, that is another great feature of the Kindle 2. It takes less than 60 seconds to download an entire new book due to the 3G (Sprint Network) and Whispernet. Total convenience and no extra cost. Amazon picks up the bill and you get the goodness.

Newspapers, magazines and blogs are available on the Kindle 2 as well as books. Now they are really talking my language. Up to 1500 books can be saved in memory as well as on Amazon’s server to be downloaded again if need be. My husband thinks that is a great thing for someone like me since he believes that I carry everything I own in my bag on a daily basis.

The ability to read outside on a sunshiny day again expands the Kindle 2’s usefulness. The digital ink on the paper-like screen does not glare so it can be read in the park, on the back porch or in the car. Reading at lunch would be a great diet trick.

If you read in the evenings and your eyes are tired – it is no problem. The Kindle 2’s text size can be resized for a total of 6 times. No – not 6 times total forever – 6 different text sizes. The text adjustment is a godsend for those with limited eyesight. What a great idea!

I know that I keep saying – this is another great feature. Well, here I go again. Bookmarks and Annotations are another great feature of the Kindle 2. If only I’d had a Kindle during my schools days. Writing a book report would have been so simple with the ability to highlight and save passages as well as entire pages. The QWERTY keyboard makes it possible to type notes in the margin. I LOVE IT! There is also an integrated dictionary

With over 250,000 word definitions there is no excuse not to understand the meaning of the sentence. For those words that just any ordinary definition is not enough there is wireless access to Wikipedia.

Here I go again. Another great feature of the Kindle 2 is the Search feature. All you have to do is type in a word or phrase and it will find each time that word or phrase is used in the entire book, or in any book in your library or even over the entire web. That is nearly unbelievable. Wow.

Listening to the TV or to the radio is my favorite way to read. I guess I am not the only one that likes background noise while reading because the Kindle 2 lets you download MP3 files for – you got it – background music while you read.

A few other things that I like about the way Amazon set up the Kindle 2 are:

  • The free book samples. If you are not sure that you want to purchase a book you can download the first chapter at no charge.
  • The price of books are reasonable – typically $9.99 or less
  • The basic Web Browser lets you find movie listings, sport scores and text sites like Wikipedia and Google.
  • The ability to send a PDF files to the Kindle 2.
  • The easy navigational design of the Kindle 2 over the original Kindle.
  • E-mail – although it is not the best setup – it is available
  • Battery Life - 4 days with 3G turned on - 2 weeks with 3G turned off

There are several accessories designed for the Kindle 2. Bags, cases, book lights, decorative skins and even a 2-year warranty.

Will I ever buy a Kindle 2? Yes, I believe I will.


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