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Mobile Gadgets: Audio Bone Headphones

Updated on May 31, 2015

Walking and running are both great ways to get into and to stay in shape. In fact running is my sport of choice. However, running without something interesting to listen to is less enjoyable than with motivating music. The choice of portable radios and MP3 players are nearly unlimited but comfortable headphones are another story.

I own an iPod but I hate the earbuds. They hurt my ears and I would rather run without music than to wear them. My all time favorite headphones came with my yellow Sony Walkman radio. The metal band was narrow and was easily adjustable. The ear pieces were flat and simple rested inside the ear. Apparently they were only available with the purchase of the radio because I diligently searched for an extra pair – but never found them.

Another set of headphones have caught my eye. They are pricey but they offer more than one benefit. No worry about them being to big to fit my ears because they actually set outside the ear. The Audio Bone Headphones works with Bone Conduction Technology. In simple terms - vibrations on the bones in front of the ear transfers sound to the inner ear. The ear canal and the eardrum are less likely to be damaged by loud music and those with previously damaged ears may like the Audio Bone Headphones especially.

As with my favorite Sony Headphones, the Audio Bone Headphones are lightweight – weighing in at just 1.3 ounces. They fit differently – the Sony Headphones fit over the head and the Audio Bone Headphones fit behind the head.

One of the best reasons to wear Audio Bone Headphones – in my opinion – is that you can hear everything around you while enjoying your music. How many times has a bicycle rider come from behind you and scared the “you know what” out of you. Even another runner can give you quite a scare when you do not expect them. I run in the dark so I like to hear noises that I need to be aware of. These headphones open up many options that were not available before.

I have read that the sound quality from the Audio Bone Headphones is not the greatest. That is understandable because most of us are used to hearing music through earbuds that are placed inside the ear. Most of them now have noise cancelling features and are designed to provide high end sound quality. Personally I just listen to music from a portable player while exercising so the sound quality is not my most important feature. As I mentioned before – the price is high – but I am still considering them because I need comfort most of all.



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