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B-Flex speaker USB Portability with Hi-Fi Sound

Updated on April 27, 2014


Speakers for a laptop may be just what you need to enjoy listening to your favorite music, movie or video. Although most laptops and desktops for that matter have integrated speakers they are not always adequate for the level of sound that you prefer. Even if there are no integrated speakers the USB B-Flex speakers can coax sound from either a PC or Mac.

Speakers are not always the most portable accessories either. After all, the point of having mobile electronics is not to have extra weight filling up your bag. However, not all speakers are born equal. The B-Flex laptop speakers have created a lot of excitement among multiple well-known publications including Wired Magazine and have pleased numerous users.

Laptop Speakers - USB, Portable, Compact, Travel Speaker for PC and Mac - B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker (Black)
Laptop Speakers - USB, Portable, Compact, Travel Speaker for PC and Mac - B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker (Black)

Online learning is becoming more and more the preferred method of taking college classes. Students do not have to be inside sitting at a desk to work but it would be unusual to have access to an electrical plug out under the favorite oak tree. What if you prefer a blanket in the park instead of a table in the local library? An external speaker gives that extra sound boost needed to comfortably hear the lesson over the sound of birds chirping.

 If the budget does not allow for a laptop and an iPod you do not have to give up your music. The songs are already loaded on your can be improved with the addition of a B-Flex speaker.

 Extra volume may be required for a small group presentation. A small, portable, adjustable and a cool looking speaker can only help your reputation.

You have probably seen those little reading lights that perch at the top of an adjustable-flexible cable. The B-Flex speakers are larger than those tiny lights but they perch in the same way. Speaker at one end and a USB plug at the other. That is it, no wires, no batteries and no cables. There is nothing to plug into an electrical outlet. The adjustable cable gives you the ability to move the speaker to the most convenient angle.


Load your computer and a B-Flex speaker into your bag and head outside. Remove both from your bag and settle in for a comfortable evening of computing. Which ever you decide you can enjoy the same improved sound coming from your computer.


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      Wireless Surround Sound System 8 years ago

      Wow this Hi-Fi looks awesome!