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Protect Your Privacy by Blocking GPS Tracking Devices

Updated on July 9, 2014


GPS is found in cell phones, computers and stand-alone devices. Sure GPS is great when you want to use it – but what if you do not want anyone else to use the technology against you? Can someone track you with GPS – yes, yes they can.

The iPhone asks permission to track your exact location each time you take a picture or turn on the GPS feature. Every cell phone manufactured today is required to have the ability to be tracked by GPS. Even if they do not have an integrated GPS receiver they can still track you.

There are small gadgets that can be attached to your car that lets others have a read out (sometimes in real time) of every place you drive. There are GPS gadgets that can be dropped in your child’s backpack that follow every step they take.

I am a big fan of GPS technology but I realize that just as with any other technology it can be used for nefarious purposes. It can be used for good purposes – it just depends on who uses it for what purpose. As an employer I have mixed feelings. If an employee is driving my vehicle I should have the right to know where it is driven. On the other hand I have been the employee and I want credit for being trustworthy and truthful.

If you feel that there is some sort of GPS tracker being used against your will there is something that you can do.

  • The Super Mini Cigarette Lighter GPS Blocker simply plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and begins immediately blocking any GPS-enabled device that may be tracking you.
  • The High Power GPS Blocker comes with both an AC adapter and a Car Charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

These devices are simple to use. Basically just plug them in and go. Each has a removable jammer antenna, which blocks any GPS signal that may be tracking you. Both are compact so they are easily carried with you. I suggest not becoming paranoid but if you have a legitimate reason to suspect that you are being tracked these are a couple of examples of devices you can use to block their efforts. There are also gadgets that will block cell phones.

I know what you are thinking.



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