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Mobile Gadgets: Built NY Laptop Sleeves Shaped for Success

Updated on May 31, 2015

Built NY laptop bags and cases are probably some of the most unique you will find. Some have strange shapes, the colors are vibrant and they make use of every square inch of space. They stretch and form to various size laptops while protecting them from bumps.

The neoprene used by Built NY is extra thick, which provides protection but that is not the only trick up their sleeve (no pun intended). The unique shapes act as bumpers for the laptop inside and allows you to use the same sleeve or case for various sizes of laptops. Another unexpected benefit to the Built NY designs is that they are less likely slip from your hands. I know from experience how difficult it can be to remove a laptop from a bag. Two examples come to mind – the Shark Gill Grips on the Dell 15.4” Laptop Sleeve and the 15” Bumper Laptop Sleeve. Photos shown to side show these designs. 

 Most laptop sleeves do not have the benefit of pockets. Built NY laptop sleeves often sport pockets. They are unusually flat but since the neoprene stretches they work fine for cables and small accessories. Speaking of flat – the cases themselves lay very flat when not in use. This could be great reason to own more than one since it could be so difficult to choose.

The best Built NY Neoprene Laptop Sleeves for business use would probably be the solid colors (Spring Fuchsia, Black Raspberry or black)– or maybe a stripe (Micro Dot or Nolita Stripe). For the fun side of your personality the French Bull Flower or the French Bull Multi Dot may be more fun. The Vine – a black and white classic floral design provides a feminine look without being to loud.

Caring for a Built NY Laptop Sleeve is easy to care for. If it gets dirty it can be washed. The zipper reaches across the top and around the corners providing plenty of space to easily insert and remove a laptop.

If you are looking for a protective laptop sleeve that is a bit out of the ordinary Built NY probably has one to suit you – regardless of color, design or shape.


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